Draft Chat Wrap

Tony Pauline of TFY Draft Preview took time to visit with Bear fans and answer their questions about what the Bears will do in the draft.

TFYDraft: I'll tell you what I am hearing first. Obviously the Bears are looking DT. It looks as though Vince Wilfork will be available to them at pick 14. Tommie Harris could end up in Houston, though there are rumblings he could end up in Jacksonville.

Boris13c: If Wilfork is available, I vote they should take him.

TFYDraft: Round two I would expect the Bears to look at a strong-side linebacker. Receiver is also a possibility during the first day.

RoylePub: The Bears had a draft meeting with media yesterday and talked about trading down have you heard anything. It seems like Steven Jackson could play a role in someone wanting to trade up to get him.

TFYDraft: Picks 12/13/14 could be in play as it looks like both Mike Williams and Steven Jackson will be around. Teams like Denver, SF and Philly want to move up and grab one of those two

RoylePub: What kind of value could the Bears get for moving back?

TFYDraft: Trading with Philly would be a good move for Chicago; they could stay pat and get a solid outside linebacker like Karlos Dansby or take a chance on a DT like Marcus Tubbs. Moving from 14-to-28 should net them a second and possibly fourth rounder depending on how much people want Jackson.

RoylePub: Does it look like New England is thinking of going up?

TFYDraft: Royle...right now unlikely. They could stay where they are and get Kevin Jones

Boris13c: what about the beat to death trade rumor with Miami for Ogunleye

TFYDraft: Boris...Miami wants too much

Boris13c: I certainly agree, but the latest story in the Herald says they would settle for our first rounder ... the only issue then would be if we could afford his contract demands. He wants a Grant Wistrom contract (6 years, $33 mil, $14 mil signing bonus)

TFYDraft: Boris....I would not give up a 1st for Ogunleye nor do I think the Bears would.

RoylePub: I saw in the last mock on the site that the Bears could take DT Terry Johnson in the second round. Any info on him?

Boris13c: that's cool TFYDraft ... I had similar thoughts

TFYDraft: Royle...Johnson is an explosive, athletic DT with a lot of upside. Makes a lot of plays in the backfield and up-down the line of scrimmage. A good amount of upside. Had an excellent combine.

Boris13c: what about Igor Olshansky? Raw, but really has possibilities ... would be a nice second round pickup, but his stock is rising depending on whose rating list you read. Plus, his name just sounds like it should be on a Bears uniform

TFYDraft: Boris...Olshansky needs a lot of work and there will be better DT's available in the mid-second

RoylePub: Any chance Jason Babin will be around in 2nd-round

TFYDraft: RoylePub...slight but I don't think he is a good fit after taking Haynes last April

RoylePub: Lovie just doesn't seem happy with anyone on the front-four

TFYDraft: Royle...possibly but his defense is really predicated on linebackers....the front-four at St. Louis was not that good yet he got by.

Boris13c: any latest rumors regarding an Offensive Left Tackle? THAT is the #1 need for da Bears in my book

TFYDraft: Boris..none. The perfect situation would be for Marc Colombo to return, play RT then move Tait to LT

Boris13c: I like Gibson ... especially since he is taking his conditioning to heart ... Gibson at RT, Tait at LT ... I think Colombo will get a pink slip and injury settlement

TFYDraft: Boris...I agree to an extent....I always thought Colombo was a major reach yet at the same time you just don't know what you are getting with Gibson

Boris13c: I actually thought Gibson did a decent job last year ... except in his brief stint at LT. An offensive line of Tait, Tucker, Kreutz, Brown and Gibson looks good to me.

RoylePub: So who would fit better in Bears system. D.J. Williams or Jonathan Vilma

TFYDraft: Royle...Vilma would be a much better fit for Smith's defense but the problem is they need a strong-side backer which points to Williams

RoylePub: Can Vilma play weak side or just inside?

TFYDraft: Royle...either or...if you play him on the inside you best have some wide bodied tackle in front of him to keep blockers away

RoylePub: Lance Briggs played strong last year, so maybe Vilma could fit in at weak.

TFYDraft: They like Briggs a lot...I know a bunch of people in the league who though he should've been Defensive ROTY

RoylePub: What about a speed receiver like Lee Evans in round two and he's not around who might be?

TFYDraft: Royle..Evans is moving up boards and could go as early as St. Louis.

Boris13c: what about cornerback? They could use a compliment to Tillman. TFYDraft: They are considering a corner in the first day....If Keith Smith is available in the third that could be their guy

Sfakia81: I was wondering if the Bears were looking at Ricardo Colclough will be available for a 2nd round pick for us

TFYDraft: Sfakai...they are concentrating on OLB/DT with the first two picks

Sfakia81: Do you hear anything about the Bears maybe trading to get in the top 10

TFYDraft: none...

RoylePub: Is Tatum Bell a possibility in 3rd or 4th round

TFYDraft: Bell could be off the board late second

Sfakia81: A read a lot on Michael Boulware and his speed, I heard that he may be a possibility at Safety in the NFL, would the Bears draft him as a LB and see if maybe he could play safety if Odom is good enough to start at LB

TFYDraft: Sfakia..I have not heard that though Boulware would be a very good weak-side player for Smith's system

Boris13c: any chance at all of trading David Terrell to get SOMETHING for him while some still think he has "potential"?

TFYDraft: Boris.....unlikely. Terrell has been a huge disappointment, which doesn't sit well with me as I thought he would be a very good pro

Sfakia81: I think Gage will end up starting with Booker, Wade can be somewhat of a Santana Moss for us b/c he isn't big but he is elusive

Sfakia81: Lovie and Angelo want skill players, have they looked at Keary Colbert at WR for a 3rd round pick if he is available

TFYDraft: They are considering a WR. Colbert could be off the board which means it could be a Devard Darling

RoylePub: Any QBs the Bears could go after on day 2 for 3rd string purposes

TFYDraft: Scott Rislov in the late rounds...will ad depth and a smart guy to boot

Sfakia81: I hear Will Smith may be asked to play LB in the NFL by certain articles, does that mean he is not big enough to be a DE in the NFL or is it that he is just really quick,

TFYDraft: Sfakia...Smith will be a DE. He is moving up boards and Jax is seriously considering him at this point. He is almost neck and neck with Kenechi Udeze at this point

Sfakia81: The Texans have Walker at DE and on their message board their fans say Robaire Smithe will play DE and that they will put Wilfork at NT if he is available. Robaire Smith is 6'4 or 6'2 and over 300 lbs. aren't they going to play him at NT?

TFYDraft: Sfakia...no; he is a two-gap DE

Boris13c: what about TE? I know we can't get Tony Gonzales, but it would seem Shea and company would actually use a TE if we had one who was a threat

TFYDraft: Boris..I would agree, the Bears have had a lot of misses at TE. A guy like Ben Utech in the second day would make a lot of sense.

Boris13c: last solid TE they had was Ditka, though I liked "RoboCop" Thornton ...

Sfakia81: So who do you think will be available for the Bears out of Harris, Wilfork, Udeze and Smith if any

TFYDraft: Right now Wilfork....Jax, Houston and Buffalo will end up with the three you mentioned

RoylePub: Gut feeling will the Bears stick at 14 or trade down

TFYDraft: Royle...if Wilfork is there that is who they grab. Right now I say stay because the trades will happen prior to pick #14

Boris13c: I also vote they keep their #14, unless/until something better presents itself ... I also think Wilfork at #14 would be a very good pick for da Bears

Sfakia81: any chance Mike Williams falls to us or would the Jets take him b/c that is what Kiper said but I think that since they gave Justin McCareins 30 million they would look at a CB

TFYDraft: Sfakia...if Williams is available @12, and I expect him to be, look for the Jets to trade down with SF and the Niners grab him

TFYDraft: alright Bear fans I gotta go...good luck on Saturday and you subscribers make sure you come to the site (TFYDraftPReview.com) as we have posted almost 1500 articles/reports for you guys!

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