Reaction from Halas Hall

Director of College Scouting Greg Gabriel discusses the Bears first-round pick Tommie Harris.

Is Tommie Harris a solid character guy?
He's a good person. All the reports we got (SOME SCOUT I COULDN'T HEAR) spoke very highly of him. He was a team leader and a dominant player in high school, highly recruited guy. Then he went to Oklahoma and he played from the first game. He was a dominant player as a freshman two years ago. I mean he's a real good player. He's a good person.

Why did you go with Harris over Miami's Vince Wilfork?
Gabriel: Better fit for what we're looking for at the three technique.

Harris has been known for his pass rush ability, but what about his run defense?
He's a very good run stopper. When you look at the tape and you look how they used him when he (was on the field). This particular year he was double and tripled teamed all the time. There were very few situations when you saw him in a one-on-one situation. When he was in a one-on-one situation he generally dominated play. But most teams schemed against him and put two or three people on him. So his quickness, again when he was put in a one-on-one situation he was in the backfield all the time.

Surprised all the d-line guys were still available?
Very surprised. I thought we'd be looking maybe two out of what people perceived to be the top four not all of them. Just the way the whole thing went when Jacksonville took the wide receiver that was huge.

Jacksonville taking Reggie Williams helped you...
Not a surprise, in that he's a very good player. We didn't expect it.

Would have Harris fit in this scheme last year?
I think he's probably a better fit in this type of scheme. We were looking for the big two-gap guys like we've had here. The Ted Washington's the Keith Traylor's of the world. We're looking for different type of people in this scheme, a little more athletic guys, quicker, faster.

Problems with his shoulder?
No, he's fine now.

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