Scouting Report 7th-Round

The Bears capped their day by adding Miami cornerback Alfonso Marshall. Is he good enough to make the 53-man roster? See what the scouts have to say.

Cornerback Alfonso Marshall
School Miami-Fl Year 4Sr
Ht: 5-11 Wt: 180
Vital member of the Miami secondary used in nickel and dime packages since his sophomore campaign. Posted 29/2/9 as a senior after 20/1/6 the prior year.

Pos: Good sized corner with the ability to play in zone coverage. Displays a burst of closing speed and fast arriving on the scene. Runs well laterally, contorts and works to get a hand in to defend the throw.

Neg: Slow reacting to receivers off the line, not smooth in his hips and loses a half step in transition. Mentally hesitant, not quick tracking or locating the ball and does too much face guarding.

Analysis: A secondary prospect better facing the quarterback, Marshall's role in the NFL could be similar to what it was in college. Has the abilities to fit in as a dime back, but must get stronger and improve his play against the run.

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