Lovie Prefers to Pass on QB

LAKE FOREST – For the first time since taking over the coaching duties in Chicago Lovie Smith has been pressed on an issue. GM Jerry Angelo seems to be interested in pursuing a veteran QB, while Smith is content with the current situation.

"Jerry's (Angelo) supposed to constantly look for better personnel for us, everyone that possibly comes available," Lovie Smith said. "We like who we have at the quarterback position."

The fact that Angelo is looking at Kerry Collins, Kurt Warner and Tim Couch is more of a reflection on his feelings about Jonathan Quinn.

Now when Angelo is also the man that brought Jonathan Quinn to town you have to wonder why he's second-guessing himself so quickly. Obviously Terry Shea, who spent two years with Quinn, gave the go ahead on brining him to Chicago but in the end it was Angelo's call.

Angelo spent the better portion of Friday's morning session watching the quarterbacks and receivers work. Whether that was an evaluation process or just coincidence is another matter.

When the Bears released Chris Chandler in March it appeared Quinn was the clear-cut backup to Rex Grossman despite not throwing a pass in a regular season game since 2001.

The fact that Grossman and Quinn have combined for six starts seems to be a concern for everyone except Smith.

"You have to be inexperienced at some position. That's how it goes," Smith said. "Guys become veterans. There's a time when they're young and they haven't played. We have an unproven quarterback, but we think he has the talent to lead us where we want to go. We feel comfortable with it."

Quinn tried to stay away from adding fuel to the fire when asked about the possibility of having to compete for a roster spot.

"That's up to the organization," Quinn said. "I'm just going out here doing my job every day trying to do the best I can, help teach everybody the offense if I can and be one snap away from playing."

Realistically all this talk is for not. Quinn knows the offense and has been a steadying influence for Grossman.

While Grossman admitted he hasn't done enough in the NFL to merit having an ego about the Bears being interested in signing a veteran quarterback to Chicago, he didn't go out of his way to defend his old coaching staff.

"Last year it was almost like we were trying not to lose the game, let the defense keep us in it, kick a late field goal and win the game, which can work if you had a great defense. It's just a conservative approach to the offense.

"With this offense, we're definitely throwing the ball down the field, definitely taking chances, but they're educated chances. They're not just throw the ball 50 yards straight up in the air. We're taking our spots."

Grossman also added that the biggest difference between John Shoop's scheme and that of Terry Shea's is that the new offense, stresses pushing the ball down the field, scoring touchdowns, making big plays, and putting a lot of points on the board.

Whether or not this information makes it to Detroit for Dick Jauron to ponder when he's drawing up a game plan to stop Grossman will be an interesting development.

Injury Update
Mike Gandy went from working with the first string offensive line during the last mini-camp to not being on the field on Friday. He had arthroscopic knee surgery knee last week and sit out of the weekend's festivities. Gandy's expected to need three more weeks of recovery time before returning to his off-season regiment.

Rex Tucker strained a calf during the morning practice, but the injury is considered minor. Anthony Thomas pulled a groin muscle during two weeks ago and has been limited as a precautionary measure. Ian Scott is still sidelined with a hamstring injury.

With Mike Gandy out Ruben Brown worked with the first team offensive line at right guard. That is likely his destination with the Bears even though Gandy held the spot during the previous mini-camp.

Despite being in a new offense David Terrell seems to be making the same old mistakes. The receiver dropped a Rex Grossman pass right in his hands, which has been his MO since coming to Chicago.

On a windy day, Grossman threw behind TE Desmond Clark, who got a hand on the ball deflecting it in the air to LB Bryan Knight.

On consecutive plays Todd McMillon broke up a pass and then jumped a Zak Kustok pass and returned it for a touchdown. With the addition of Nathan Vasher, McMillon needs to make plays to secure a roster spot. McMillon is also a solid special teams performer, which gives him the edge over Brock Williams.

R.W. McQuarters also made his presence felt with an interception return for a score.

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