Case Closed?

Jerry Angelo talked with the media on Saturday and addressed the Bears interest in acquiring a veteran quarterback.

Over the past few weeks the Bears have been linked to Kurt Warner, Kerry Collins and Tim Couch. While Lovie Smith has stated he's content with Rex Grossman as his starter and Jonathan Quinn as the backup, Angelo has pursued other options.

Still the GM had a chance to put an end to all the rumors, but left the door open.

"Right now our roster is set," Angelo said. "We're not looking to do anything. It's more about the development of our players then it is bringing anybody on board. But my job is to make sure that we pursue anybody that's out there that we feel will improve our team and that's what I'll do.

"Rex Grossman is our quarterback and we're real happy with that and anything that we do from here on out is exploratory."

Angelo was much clearer when asked if the talk of added depth at quarterback could hurt Grossman.

"If that kind of talk rattles quarterbacks then we have a real problem," Angelo said. "We're going to get that talk until our quarterback establishes himself, but we have all the confidence in the world that he's our guy and we're very comfortable with him."

The latest draft class has Angelo in the frame of mind of a proud papa.

"It's almost like watching your kid get up to the plate for the first time," Angelo said. "Unfortunately a few of them struck out yesterday, but we're going to give them another chance at the bat."

The Bears hard work in the off-season is paying immediate dividends, as players are losing weight across the board.

"Everyone on our team has lost some weight and some of them have made unbelievable gains as far as I am concerned," Smith said. "In order to play at the tempo we want the guys to play, you have to be light, you can't be heavy."

Injury Update
Rex Tucker sat out practice because of a strained calf that he suffered Friday. Anthony Thomas (groin), Bobby Wade (quad) and Ian Scott (hamstring) also missed practice.

Smith can see things coming together as the Bears conclude their third mini-camp on Sunday.

"We have the core of our packages in right now," Smith said. "The guys know how we practice, they're getting to know us, we know them a little better. This is the first phase. The next phase will be our OTAs, our organized team activities where we have 14 practices together. That would be an important part also leading up to training camp."

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