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One fan doesn't feel that the Bears need to go after a big name quarterback when they already have one on the roster.

I've been reading for weeks that the Bears are interested in Kurt Warner, Tim Couch and Kerry Collins. There's no reason to go after someone else's garbage when the Bears have a talented quarterback in Rex Grossman.

Being that he only started three games as a rookie there is cause for concern about Grossman's lack of experience, but how will he get it from watching on the sideline.

Grossman has a great arm and in this new offense should be able to take advantage of that by throwing the deep ball.

The Bears are a team on the rise and starting a quarterback controversy this early in Lovie Smith's tenure would only be a detriment to his efforts. Go with Grossman and if for some reason he gets hurt then Jonathan Quinn is capable of running Terry Shea's offense.

Quinn has two years of firsthand experience within the scheme and knows it better than any other player on the team. He should be able to help Grossman and throw a few passes if necessary.

GM Jerry Angelo has had a good off-season and if he still wants to tinker with the roster than go after anyone that can get to the quarterback. Tony Brackens might become available and could be a situation pass rusher.

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