Another McMahon headed to Chicago

It seems quarterback rumors and the Bears go hand in hand and the latest one has GM Jerry Angelo inquiring about a signal caller from a division rival.

Reports out of Detroit have Angelo contacting the Lions about the availability of backup quarterback Mike McMahon.

The Bears interest in McMahon can be traced to offensive coordinator Terry Shea, who was his head coach at Rutgers.

Steve Mariucci believes Joey Harrington will take a step forward given the additional offensive weapons he'll have this year. The Lions added WR Roy Williams and RB Kevin Jones in the first-round of the draft.

Still it appears the Lions are debating whether or not to go after a more experienced option behind Harrington.

Kurt Warner's name has come up and to make room for the two-time MVP Detroit would have to move McMahon.

On several occasions Lovie Smith has said he's happy with his quarterbacks, but has never completely closed the door on adding depth at the position.

While Rex Grossman is untested as the starter, Jonathan Quinn's lack of action as he enters his seventh year in the league is a concern.

"I'm just going out here doing my job every day trying to do the best I can, help teach everybody the offense if I can and be one snap away from playing," Quinn said.

Although Lions coaches love McMahon's athletic ability and his attitude, he completed only 9 of 31 passes in two games last year and has completed only 42.3 percent of his passes in three seasons.

Despite his lack of accuracy throwing the football, both Mariucci and president Matt Millen wanted to keep McMahon for at least another season as a backup to let him develop his skills.

It's hard to imagine the Lions trading McMahon to a team within the division. However the fact that he'll be an unrestricted free agent after the season, could force them to make a move to get something in return before he leaves without compensation.

The Cleveland Browns reportedly made inquiries about acquiring McMahon, nothing developed and he had little choice, as a restricted free agent, but to re-sign with the Lions.

Whether he likes it or not -- and it's obvious he doesn't -- McMahon's role as a backup quarterback is not likely to change no matter where he plays this year.

"I think when I first came in here, he wanted to compete for the job even-up," coach Steve Mariucci said. "That's what his hope was, that he'd have an equal chance to compete.

"But I think that has sort of sorted itself out. Joey (Harrington) is our starter and Mike's our backup, even though I think he feels he would like to start, wants to start and should start."

The situation would be no different in Chicago and brining in a quarterback that's just as inexperienced as Grossman and less than Quinn would make little sense.

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