Timing is everything

A year ago the Bears cut Jamin Elliott before the start of the season. The receiver caught on with the New England Patriots and ended up with a Super Bowl ring. For Elliott, being back with the Bears is a homecoming of sorts, although much has changed both on and off the field since his last stint in a Bear uniform.

"I couldn't be happier about being back in Chicago," Elliott said. "What struck me immediately is just how much everything has changed. There's a completely new system in place now and it's all for the good. I sense an energy and enthusiasm among the players and the coaches that didn't exist two years ago."

Although Elliott foresees considerable competition for roster spots among the current crop of WRs, he feels that he will be in the mix by the time training camp begins.

"Sure there are quite a few WRs at the moment," Elliott said. "But competition is all good. That's the kind of thing you come to expect. Coach Shea has an overall view of things that fit my talents perfectly. He wants increased speed from his players and an ability to make the play deep down field. That's very exciting to me because those are the things I do best."

Elliott has had to learn three different systems in as many years, which is more about learning new vocabulary then new plays.

"There is a certain common element in every football play that doesn't really vary much from team to team," he said. "The terms are different of course, but that isn't hard to learn. I am going through the playbook page by page right now so I understand everything that is in there. But it's the on field practice that really counts. With all the new players and the new coaches going through schemes together is invaluable. That's why I'm glad we have this time together."

Elliott's favorite souvenir from his year with New England is the Super Bowl Championship ring he expects to receive in June.

What are the chances of adding a Bears ring to the collection?

"There's nothing I'd like better," Elliott said. "Winning the Super Bowl is an experience every professional player should have at least once. It's incredible. And I don't see any reason that this team shouldn't be right there on top. Maybe not this year, but pretty soon. The way things seem to be going it's inevitable. We are moving in the right direction."

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