Up Close and Personal

Tommie Harris recently took time to talk with Jason Klabacha of Bear Report about a variety of topics including how at one point he was too big to play football.

Q&A with Tommie Harris

What is your earliest football memory?
"I remember when I was in fourth grade I got kicked out of football for being overweight. I had to wait until middle school. I weighed like 155 (pounds) and the weight limit was 150. I remember running around the neighborhood in a plastic bag trying to lose weight, but I could never do it. They weighed me because the parents were complaining that I was too big or that I was hitting kids (to hard). I had a field day, but I've always played d-line my whole life."

Did that situation turn you off from football
"It hurt me a lot, but I mean you get over that. It just made me drive more and I looked forward to playing football in middle school."

What is your favorite football memory
"Waking up on Saturday mornings and looking in my teammates eyes and you can just feel it. You could feel everything like we're ready to go. Or riding to the stadium. Those are my memories I don't really get nothing (different) out of football. I mean the plays are the same just the uniform changes. My teammates is what I really love, the fellowship and comradely."

Do you have any special plans for your signing bonus
"I'm going to take care of my parents, buy them a house. I bought my mother (Janie) a car for Mother's Day."

Growing up did you patterned your game after any particular player
"Reggie White is like my brother slash father. Warren Sapp was a guy that I (admired) when he first got into (the league). Now it's LeRoy Glover, I mean that guy can go. It's not much now; it's time for me to try to (make my own name). I'm learning from B-Rob (Bryan Robinson) and that's a good guy too. I'm just trying to be a sponge and soak everything up."

What was your favorite cartoon growing up
"Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles."

Who was your favorite turtle
"Raphael because of his attitude."

What's your favorite movie
"The Green Mile. The big guy had a lot of power that nobody seen until it had to be shown. So he possessed a lot in himself but he was a mild hearted person. He wasn't an intimidator but he had the size to be an intimidator but his heart was meek and he was humble. But when it was time to heal somebody he was there."

What your favorite TV show
"The Steve Harvey Show, any Family Matters reruns, the Fresh Prince of Bel Air. I just like sitcoms and MTV Cribs."

What kind of car do you drive
"I had a (Ford) Expedition through college. I also have a Cadillac Escalade."

What's your favorite food
"Pasta by far. Spaghetti, lasagna, any kind of pasta."

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