Week one is a wrap

This week's schedule of "Organized Team Activities" wound up with a briskly paced practice at Halas Hall Thursday. Despite the unseasonable heat and humidity, none of the players seemed to be severely impacted. That bodes well considering the extreme conditions the players will have to work in when they head for Bourbonnais in late July.

The emphasis in the final session of the week was on the offense, which DE Michael Haynes found to be somewhat frustrating.

"We've had our turn, I guess, in the earlier mini camps and in other practices this week," Haynes said. "Today we were somewhat restricted in what we were allowed to do. We could do two step moves, and that was about it. No pass rushing allowed. Coach (Lovie) Smith wanted to see what the offense was doing and what improvements they've made. There's no way he could see that if the defense was playing full out."

One thing that has changed under Terry Shea is that the Bears defense has to be prepared for what the offense might do in practice Shea has called a halfback option on more than one occasion. Rex Grossman appeared to be part of a pass pattern after throwing a wide receiver screen that was really a lateral.

"This system is going to be good," Clark said. "There's so much more imagination. It's very deceptive. This year for the first time since I've been in Chicago, the defenses facing us aren't going to know what we'll be doing before the play actually starts."

Clark put up the biggest numbers from a Bear tight end since the days of Ryan Wetnight. Still in the new offense there could be an expanded role for the usually block first position.

"Players will end up where they're not expected to be. That's going to make the offense a lot more productive," Clark said. "This new approach? It's fun. Sure, there's a lot to learn but it's just football. We understand what we're doing and we can see the results almost immediately. That makes us want to work even harder."

Several runs for significant runs by free agent acquisition Thomas Jones highlighted Thursday's practice. The running back was fast and evasive with excellent ball control and good instincts for finding the hole. Other standouts included a sleeker Adrian Peterson; Bobby Wade appears to have healed completely from an earlier injury, and a surprisingly productive Jimmy Fryzel.

Grossman and the rest of the quarterbacks rotated in and out of the lineup then worked one on one with QB coach Wade Wilson. Grossman looked solid despite several dropped snaps.

Jonathan Quinn worked on deep passes, while Craig Krenzel handled shorter routes. Wilson seemed particularly pleased with the progress made by Ryan Dinwiddie. The undrafted free agent out of Boise State looked fast and accurate and has been a quick study.

The Bears will get a break from on the field work until next week. Two practices are scheduled for Wednesday and Thursday before picking up again in mid June.

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