Terrell involved on and off the field

Wednesday's ‘non-contact' drills were anything but when David Terrell and Todd Johnson collided in midair. Although neither player seemed seriously injured, both were slow to get up as practice stopped briefly. Terrell eventually returned to the huddle, while Johnson went to the sidelines for the remainder of the session.

"That's what happens sometimes," Terrell said. "We're just out there having fun. Football is a contact sport. It didn't hurt me none. I'm big and I'm tough. I think that I got up first. If I have to take hits like that to prove that I deserve to be here, then so be it."

The hit from Johnson isn't the only thing that Terrell has had to deal with recently. The rumor coming out of Detroit has the receiver on the trade block.

"Hey, I don't know nothing about that," Terrell said. "I talked to my coaches and it's all good. I'm here doing my job. I can't focus on what Detroit is saying. I play for the Bears. The Detroit media, who are they? What do they know about me? If Chicago starts talking about it, then I'll pay attention. Until then, it's not my concern."

Johnson was involved in another hard hit against Marty Booker during the Bears first mini-camp. Although Booker escaped uninjured, he seemed non-too pleased at the time with the enthusiasm of the free safety. Terrell seemed to be taking a more philosophical approach to the takedown.

"This is where my conditioning paid off," Terrell said. "Sure I felt him hit and I didn't really see him coming at me, but look, I'm all together and back on the field. I was going deep for the ball. That's what I had my eye on. I was somewhat surprised when I felt him on me, but it's no problem. The defense is just challenging the offense this year. There's a big competition going on. That's part of the change in coaching and it's going to make all of us a lot better. We're all friends. Everything's fine."

The intensity of the impact between Johnson and Terrell reflected the morning's fast pace, which was punctuated by heated verbal exchanges between Shea and secondary coach Vance Bedford.

"Vance may be twenty years younger than coach Shea, but Shea was running rings around him this morning," Terrell said. "He was all over the field. I don't know. Maybe it's all that Red Bull he's been drinking I guess we need to keep Shea away from the caffeine from now on. But truly, his personality rolls off on us. It keeps us going. We enjoy the speed of these practices. Everybody's energy level is up and it's fun out there."

Earlier in practice, Shea rotated running backs and wideouts with Rex Grossman, Jonathan Quinn and Craig Krenzel. Ryan Dinwiddie spent the morning observing from the sidelines, then worked one on one with Wade Wilson and with rookie WR Bernard Berrian.

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