Working on a budget

With only around $1 million in cap room the Bears are likely to stand pat as the June 1st cut date arrives tomorrow. In order to acquire additional help at least one veteran would either have to go or agree to a pay cut.

The NFL teams that are still in salary cap trouble will start eliminating those problems Tuesday. A star-studded list of quarterbacks could be on that list.

There was a time not too long ago when teams felt they absolutely had to get a veteran quarterback to play alongside their young QBs as insurance in case the youngster failed.

That has obviously changed. With teams like the Bears, Giants, Cardinals, 49ers, Ravens, and Cowboys looking at young unproven starters without veteran backups, it makes the anticipated June 1 cuts even more curious.

Former league MVP Kurt Warner and former first overall draft pick Tim Couch are all but assured to be cut and names like Brad Johnson, Rich Gannon, Vinny Testaverde and Rodney Peete have also been thrown out.

Where any of them land remains a mystery.

Other big names that may have to find work elsewhere include Titans RB Eddie George, receiver Muhsin Muhammad, Packers DE Joe Johnson, Falcons CB Tyrone Williams, and Redskins LB Jeremiah Trotter.

The Bears have a few players that could be on the cut list. DT Bryan Robinson and R.W. McQuarters are coming off disappointing seasons. David Terrell's name has been bandied about in trade rumors. Brad Maynard is a $1 million punter, which always leads to speculation of a cheaper option.

However the likelihood of the Bears actually making any drastic changes at this point are minimal.

Teams that release players on or after June 1 can split the salary cap hit between the 2004 and 2005 cap.

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