Pop Quiz: Postseason trivia

The Bears legacy includes nine championship victories. It's time to test your knowledge Chicago's postseason history by tackling the following five questions.<p>

1. How many coaches in team history have a winning postseason record?
A. One
B. Two
C. Three
D. Four

2. Who played in more postseason games then any other Bear?
A. Mike Singletary B. Dan Hampton C. Steve McMichael D. Mark Bortz

3. Who has the most career postseason points?
A. Walter Payton B. Kevin Butler C. Dennis McKinnon D. Neal Anderson

4. Who has the most receptions in a single playoff game?
A. Wendell Davis B. Tom Waddle C. Harlon Hill D. Johnny Morris

5. Who has thrown the most postseason touchdown passes of any Bear?
A. Jim McMahon B. Erik Kramer C. Sid Luckman D. Jim Harbaugh

1. A, one. In the days of George Halas there wasn't a tournament playoff system. In most years only two teams made the postseason and squared off in the NFL Title game. Halas went 6-3 in playoff games. Mike Ditka has a 6-6 record in postseason play.

2. D, Mark Bortz. The eighth-round draft choice out of the University of Iowa played in 13 playoff games between 1983-94. There are eight other players tied for second with 12 appearances.

3. B, Kevin Butler. The placekicker booted 16 field goals in 12 postseason games and finished with 74 career points.

4. B, Tom Waddle. The receiver hauled in nine receptions in a 17-13 loss at Soldier Field against the Dallas Cowboys on Dec. 29, 1991.

5. C, Sid Luckman. The Hall of Fame QB threw nine touchdowns passes including five in the 73-0 drubbing of the Washington Redskins in the 1943 NFL Title game.

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