In need of a break

The Bears "Organized Team Activities" are coming to an end on Thursday, but some players are starting to get dinged up. With training camp about a month away the break will be much needed before the trip to Bourbonnais.

Alex Brown missed practice because of an elbow injury, while John Tait continues to sit because of a groin problem. Neither injury is considered serious and both players are expected to be ready when the Bears begin training camp on July 28.

The Bears spent much of Tuesday's on field time working out new plays and fine tuning the offense. Quarterbacks Rex Grossman, Craig Krenzel and Jonathan Quinn took turns at the helm while the entire roster of WRs and RBs rotated through the lineup. Rookie QB Ryan Dinwiddie didn't have any reps during the regular practice period.

WR Jimmy Fryzel continued to impress with a number of sure handed receptions deep down field. Daryl Jones showed some well-honed evasive maneuvers and a good eye for the ball as he threaded his way through the defense. RB Adrian Peterson had some nice cutbacks and seemed to have improved his ability to read the holes.

Anthony Thomas has been utilized with increasing frequency as the weeks go by. Thomas looked quicker and more confident than he had seemed during the earlier mini camps of this year.

David Terrell was utilized primarily on short routes and looked to have a better lock on the ball than had been the case last season. As always, Offensive Coordinator Terry Shea was a vociferous cheerleader for his players, loudly congratulating anyone that made a solid play. For Quinn, it almost seemed like being in Kansas City again.

"I like to see Terry out there," Quinn said. "He is such a motivating force on the field. I think he gets the players spirits up because they know that good plays will be recognized. That worked well in Kansas City and I think that the same will be true here in Chicago."

So far, Quinn seems most impressed by the Bears defensive unit.

"I can't say enough about those players," Quinn said. "They are performing at such a high level and its still early in the year. As a veteran quarterback in this league, I've had a lot of experience watching various defensive lines and I can say that this is one of the best. They are fast and they're smart. They'll get you every time if you cut them any slack at all. They seem to be absorbing the new system very well and utilizing the techniques to their advantage."

Both Brian Urlacher and Charles Tillman had several pass deflections but neither player seemed satisfied that they hadn't managed an interception or two as well. Following Urlacher's example, Tillman went down for ten pushups whenever he didn't come away with the ball.

"That's what I mean about desire," Quinn said. "You can see that being good isn't enough. They want to control the ball at all times."

After the conclusion of practice, Bernard Berrian, Andre Forde, and Aaron Boone continued down field reps with Dinwiddie and Krenzel.

Although Boone was happy to be back at Halas Hall, he was struggling somewhat to keep up with the pace.

"I think I left my legs in Germany," Boone said. "It was an arduous season, culminating in a win (with the Berlin Thunder) in the World Bowl. I know that I'll regain my stamina sooner or later, but right now I feel jet lagged. This is my big chance to make an impact here. I've got to get busy learning the new system and getting in playing condition before training camp begins. It's only a few weeks away."

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