Up for Debate

While it's easy to remain upbeat when the Bears are undefeated, the lack of experience at quarterback will to come into question.

Rex Grossman is likely to receive more snaps during the preseason for the simple fact he needs game action in the new offense. The Bears won't repeat the mistake Dick Jauron and John Shoop made a year ago when they didn't adequately prepare Kordell Stewart for the start of the regular season. The quarterback threw just 38 passes in four games and never looked comfortable in the offense.

From the start of the Lovie Smith era this has been Grossman's offense, but despite that fact Jonathan Quinn will also need extensive work during the exhibition season.

Granted Quinn knows Terry Shea's offense, as he's been emergered in it for two years. However he hasn't looked particularly accurate during three mini-camps and 14 "Organized Team Activities." Playing third fiddle in Kansas City means Quinn hasn't thrown a pass in a regular season game since 2001.

"I am using this opportunity to hone my skills," Quinn said. "I am getting a lot of reps and becoming more familiar with the plays. Yes, I realize that quite a bit of this is similar to what we did with the Chiefs, but there are some fundamental changes. There definitely is a learning curve involved. I spend most of my off field time studying. It's a big playbook and I'll need to know everything in it."

The biggest asset Quinn provides for the Bears is being an on the field coach for Grossman and two rookie quarterbacks.

"I'll help out Craig (Krenzel) or Ryan (Dinwiddie) if they ask for it, but I never assume that I am the authority here," Quinn said. There is no question that (Quarterbacks coach) Wade (Wilson) is in charge. I think that we are extremely fortunate to have his expertise available to us. He understands where we're coming from and helps us to raise the level of our game."

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