View from a fan

The Bears have not had good luck with first-round picks for more than a decade. According to Stan Boyer part of the problem has been getting the player to training camp on time, which means signing Tommie Harris would be best for him and the Bears.

Three draft picks that have held out come to mind when you think of recent busts. Curtis Enis, Cade McNown and David Terrell all have one thing in common, missing part of training camp.

While there is still a chance that Terrell can turn things around, the other two are out of football. I'm not saying that if a player is in camp from Day One he's guaranteed to be a star or the other way around, but signing early definitely proves the player is committed to the team rather than getting every cent possible.

Harris is important to the defensive line because of the weakness at defensive tackle. Thankfully Tank Johnson has already signed with the Bears, so no matter what Harris does we'll have at least one youngster to challenge disappointing veterans Bryan Robinson and Alfonso Boone.

Harris seems to be a character guy, although the fact that he has changed agents appears to have slowed negotiations. This is similar to what happened with Enis and his holdout was a lengthy one. A serious knee injury in his rookie season basically ended his career before it began.

Hopefully everything will work out for the best with Harris, but reporting late to camp only helps his agent.

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