Pop Quiz

During the days leading up to training camp Bear fans are in need of a football fix. So test your knowledge of your favorite team with these five questions.

1. How many of the Bears first-round selections are still with the team?
A. Four
B. Seven
C. Six
D. Five

2. Brian Urlacher has led the Bears in tackles the past four seasons, but who was the last player to lead the team in tackles in consecutive seasons?
A. Marty Carter
B. Barry Minter
C. Mike Singletary
D. Joe Cain

3. The Bears have lost five straight road games in December. What team did Chicago beat 24-0 on Dec. 30, 2001 for their last road victory in the month?
A. Washington Redskins
B. Detroit Lions
C. Minnesota Vikings
D. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

4. Who is the last Bear to have a double-digit sack campaign?
A. Phillip Daniels
B. Alonzo Spellman
C. Trace Armstrong
D. Jim Flanigan

5. The Bears have selected more players in the draft from Notre Dame than any other university, but which school is second with 29?
A. Texas
B. Ohio State
C. Oklahoma
D. Illinois

1. C, six. Brian Urlacher, David Terrell, Marc Colombo, Michael Haynes, Rex Grossman and Tommie Harris.

2. A, Marty Carter. The strong safety paced the team in tackles in 1995 with 158 stops and 1996 with 180.

3. B, Detroit Lions. The Bears shutout Detroit 24-0 in their last appearance in the Pontiac Silverdome.

4. D, Jim Flanigan. The defensive tackle lead the Bears in sacks three times, but in 1995 he paced the team with 11 sacks.

5. B, Ohio State. When the Bears selected Craig Krenzel in the fifth-round of the 2004 draft he became the 29th Buckeye to be taken by Chicago.

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