Da' man for the job?

From Hall of Fame tight end to Super Bowl Champion coach and don't forget national spokesman, Mike Ditka has done it all. However there could be a new challenge on the horizon for Ditka, this time in the political ring.

After Jack Ryan withdrew as the Illinois Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate two weeks ago, the party has been scrambling to find a replacement. With the fall ballot just four months away reaching out to a recognizable name could be the solution for the ticket.

"Mike Ditka would be a great candidate because he represents the average Illinoisan. He's just a decent, ordinary guy that worked hard and wasn't handed anything but made it successful," said state Sen. Dave Syverson of Rockford told the Associated Press.

At this point it's unclear if Ditka feels as enthusiastic about running for political office. He is scheduled to join ESPN this fall as part of their football coverage.

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