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David Terrell is the starting receiver opposite Marty Booker heading to Bourbonnais, but one fan believes that won't be the case when the Bears break camp.

Justin Gage is the most athletic wideout on the roster and as a rookie he proved that ability translates into great catches. He made acrobatic receptions look routine and had no problem taking the ball away from opposing cornerbacks.

At this point the only Terrell is ahead of Gage on the depth chart is politics. The Bears are still holding onto the hope that Terrell won't be a complete bust.

Terrell has a knack for catching a ball and then falling to the ground, which is not a good trait for a receiver. The only time that strategy helps is if you're taking a knee at the end of a game.

There's no doubt that Terrell has talent, but he lacks the heart of Gage. As a fifth-round pick Gage came to camp down on the depth chart and remained inactive for more than a month into the season. When he finally got on the field he showed more in half a season then Terrell has in three years.

Rex Grossman and Gage also have a good relationship from their days of working together on the scout team. Down the line that could be important because Grossman can trust Gage to be his go-to target.

Gage is light and it would help him to add some bulk in order to make it through the grinding 16-week schedule and hopefully more with a playoff run. On the other hand his speed is an asset a lot of the other receivers on the roster don't have and doing anything to jeopardize that would be a mistake.

Look for Gage to have a big preseason, which will make it difficult to keep him out of the starting lineup. Lovie Smith will give Terrell every chance to succeed, but in the end Gage will prove to be the right man for the job.

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