Waiting game

The Bears and Jerry Azumah both agreed that the cornerback should go to Pittsburgh in search of a second opinion on his right shoulder. After seeing a specialist on Tuesday, Azumah returned to Bourbonnais. However the test results will not be known until tomorrow.

Azumah suffered a stinger last Thursday and is still feeling the impact of getting tangled up with WR Jamin Elliott.

"The pain and stiffness is kind of there, but I'm working it out a little bit," Azumah said. "It's definitely gotten better. The neck is something you shouldn't play with because you never know what could happen. It's better to be safe then sorry."

Caution has been Lovie Smith's philosophy on when to bring players back to practice that are coming off injuries.

"When we send him out there he'll be able to take a lick and that's why we're taking our time and making sure," Smith said. "Jerry isn't a guy that has to prove that he can play. We know what he can do, so we'll take every precaution we can with him."

Still with Azumah battling with R.W. McQuarters for a starting job, it's hard to make up for missed time.

"I don't want to go out there and practice while I'm hurt that would defeat the whole purpose," Azumah said. "With this whole competition thing it's training camp and there's competition all over the football field and that's just the nature of training camp."

At this point Azumah will practice, but will be limited when it comes to any type of contract drills.

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