Scoring Summary

The Bears struggled to reach double-digits in points, but it turned out to be good enough to beat the St. Louis Rams.

FIRST QUARTER: K Paul Edinger 31-yard field goal at 6:22. RB Thomas Jones carried the ball seven times for 53 yards, including a 17-yard gain on 2nd and 18 which was followed by a 26-yard run on 3rd and 1. Grossman completed 4-of-5 for 39 yards, but a 10-yard TD pass to FB Bryan Johnson was negated by a holding penalty on Mike Gandy. Bears draw four flags on opening drive and have to settle for Edinger field goal. Drive: 13 plays, 67 yards, 8:38. Bears 3, Rams 0.

FIRST QUARTER: K Jeff Wilkins 33-yard field goal at 0:00. QB Marc Bulger connected with WR Isaac Bruce on consecutive completions of 18 and 24 yards respectively. The defense appeared to stop the Rams on a 3rd and 10 incompletion, but an illegal contact penalty on Lance Briggs gave St. Louis a first down. The Bears "D" then allowed the Rams to convert a 3rd and 12 with a 14-yard pass from Bulger to WR Dane Looker. However the defense stiffened inside their 10-yard line and held St. Louis to a field goal thanks in part to a sack by LB Hunter Hillenmeyer. Drive: 12 plays, 65 yards, 6:22. Bears 3, Rams 3.

SECOND QUARTER: FB Joey Goodspeed 13-yard reception from QB Chris Chandler at 3:47. Poor field position because of a holding penalty on a 47-yard punt by Brad Maynard didn't slow the Rams. Chandler went to WR Shaun McDonald over the middle for a 40-yard catch and run. A pass interference penalty by CB Eric Kelly on the following play gave St. Louis another 30 yards. Two plays later Chandler rolled right and found Goodspeed open along the sideline and the fullback walked into the end zone untouched. Drive: 4 plays, 86 yards, 2:00. Rams 10, Bears 3.

FOURTH QUARTER: TE Gabe Reid 1-yard reception from QB Jonathan Quinn. The Bears backup quarterback completed 6-of-7 attempts on the drive for 79 yards. While a 24-yard completion to Mark Anelli set up the Bears only touchdown of the game, the biggest play of the drive was a penalty. The drive would have ended well short of a score if it wasn't for a defensive holding penalty on rookie CB Dwight Anderson that gave the Bears a first down after a 3rd and 27 pass went incomplete. Drive: 15 plays, 88 yards, 10:04. Bears 10, Rams 10.

OVERTIME: K Paul Edinger 25-yard field goal at 14:43. Ahmad Merritt took the opening kickoff and hit the hole for an 87-yard return. Lovie Smith took no chances and sent the field goal unit on the field without running an offensive play. Drive: 1 play, 0 yards, 0:17. Bears 13, Rams 10.

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