Bears Report Card

Quarterbacks: D-MINUS Jim Miller's interception was a poor decision at a critical time. He should have taken the sack. Another effort like this one and the Bears should consider Shane Matthews again.

Running backs: C-MINUS
Anthony Thomas broke a good 19-yard TD run but was held in check most of the day. Leon Johnson failed in two short-yardage situations against a defensive line that lacked injured Gilbert Brown.

Receivers: D-MINUS
They couldn't get open and about the only positives they had were Marty Booker drawing a pass interference penalty of 24 yards and a hellacious block Dez White threw to take out two Packers on Anthony Thomas' TD run.

Offensive line: D-PLUS
Opened holes at times in the running game and kept Miller sack-free. But in short yardage they failed miserably. Bears' 23 minutes, 40 seconds were a season low for possession time.

Defensive line: D-PLUS
Were inconsistent applying heat on Favre, although Phillip Daniels did get a sack. Succeeded on early run downs throughout the first half, but wore down in the second half beneath the Packers 36 minutes of possession time.

Linebackers: C-MINUS
Made a few flashy plays, like Brian Urlacher's sack and interception, but Rosevelt Colvin and Warrick Holdman struggled to stay in their running lanes and Urlacher had the same problem.

Defensive backs: B-MINUS
Holding Brett Favre to 207 yards and his wideouts to seven catches for 100 yards usually is sufficient to beat the Packers.

Special teams: C
Brad Maynard's brilliance -- 6 punts inside the 20 -- was offset by Paul Edinger's 23-yard missed chip shot. Kickoff returners Leon Johnson and Autry Denson got the Bears field position at their own 38 twice, the 39 and the 45.

Coaching: D-Minus
The offensive game plan was just as uptight as it was against the Packers in Chicago. Defensive coordinator Greg Blache gets some kudos for going with a lot of five-man lines to confuse Favre.

Overall: D-plus
Lambeau Field fans chanted that familiar chant at game's end: "The Bears still ---- (inhale vigorously through the mouth).

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