Player reaction to the Trade

Lake Forest - Although the Bears win over the 49ers on Saturday night was a positive precursor to the start of the regular season; the mood in the locker room after the game was more somber than joyous. News that veteran Marty Booker had been traded to the Dolphins for DE Adewale Ogunleye seemed to have ended any post game celebration. Even David Terrell broke his silent treatment with the media.

"I'm only here speaking to you because I was told that I had to," Terrell told the media. "I'm extremely upset (over the trade) and I don't really have much to say. Booker was my homeboy. He's been around helping me ever since I joined this team. Even when all anyone could say about me was something negative, Book would be by my side with something positive. He was much more than just a teammate to me. He was my friend."

Terrell did concede that Booker would be a good fit into the Miami offense and that Ogunleye would provide a needed boost to the Bears defense.

"I guess you could also say that this shows the coaches have confidence in our abilities to take care of things on the offensive side of the ball even with Marty being gone," Terrell said. "So in that sense, I guess it will work out all right, but it's just something that I am not real happy about right now."

For veteran Mike Brown, Booker's departure was an unsettling, reminder of the realities of life in professional football.

"It was a kind of a wake up call for all of us, I guess," Brown said. "Your position is never secure no matter how good you are or how long you have been with a team. If there needs to be a roster move to improve the overall chances for a successful season, that is what team management is going to do."

Brown agreed that the addition of Ogunleye would strengthen the pass rush, which has been non-existent in the preseason.

"I see him fitting into the new defensive scheme quite well," Brown said. "And for the secondary, it will be a very positive situation. You want to see a strong, fast pass rush that unsettles the quarterback. It's all to our advantage to have a DE like that in the lineup."

From Lovie Smith's point of view, having Ogunleye on the roster is the best possible scenario, even though the former Dolphin hasn't participated in Miami's off-season conditioning program or in the training camp.

"He is a professional," Smith said. "And we expect him to arrive here tomorrow in top condition. Players know that is what they must do at this level. He may not be in perfect game shape, but his conditioning will be good. He should be able to contribute almost immediately.

"I think that both teams are winners in this instance," Smith said. "Marty was a valued player for the Bears and he will be missed. However, both Miami and Chicago had to have something significant to bring to this deal."

Now the spotlight seems to be falling on Bobby Wade, whom Smith designated his #1 receiver shortly after Saturday's game. Smith also said that he fully expected Terrell, Bernard Berrian and Justin Gage to respond well to added pressure.

"We have high expectations for these players," Smith said. "Nobody can replace Marty Booker. He was a team leader and a rare individual. However, these players have the ability to step up and make contributions where they are needed. We have depth at Booker's position."

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