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Lake Forest - The arrival of DE Adewale Ogunleye should have an immediate impact on the Bears defense. With 15 sacks last season for the Dolphins, Ogunleye is a perfect fit for Lovie Smith's pressure based scheme. But what does his arrival mean for Michael Haynes and Alex Brown?

"The way I look at this, is that it is a definite positive for the entire team," Brown said. "Sure it's going to shake things up a bit. You have more strong players than spots on the starting roster for the defense right now. But I don't find that discouraging, I see it as more of a challenge to us all. It's definitely a wake up call."

Before the trade for Ogunleye, the Bears had flip-flopped Brown and Haynes to left and right end respectively. Obviously Ogunleye is going to be an every down contributor on the left side, so Brown and Haynes will compete for a starting role at right end.

While Brown has the inside track to win the job, a calf strain has forced him to miss a portion of training camp as well as the preseason.

"It's hard right now to say exactly how it's going to turn out because Alex isn't on the field," Lovie Smith said. "But when Alex Brown was healthy, he was our best defensive end. Right now he's in that No. 2 slot."

With a career total of eight sacks, including a team leading 5.5 last season, Brown could benefit from Ogunleye taking some of the pressure off of him.

"I think he will help improve our defense by giving the opposing QB and OL something more to worry about. They won't know exactly where the hits are going to come from, but they will know that we'll be heading in their direction."

Ogunleye made his practice debut on Wednesday and should be able to grasp the revamped Bears defense in fairly short order, as it is quite similar to what he played in Miami.

‘Sure, there are some differences in the overall scheme' Brown said, "but to play at the level he has been showing, Adewale has to be smart and a quick learner."

Although Brown admitted to having been somewhat disconcerted after hearing about the signing on Saturday night, he has become more philosophical about the situation.

‘Most of us on the Defensive Line are in our mid twenties," Brown said. ‘Though I think that Tommie Harris and Tank Johnson may just be 21. There isn't a whole lot of experience there. I don't view that as a negative. In fact, I see us all maturing together. We can grow into a formidable force as the years go by. Good Bears teams have traditionally built their reputation on strong defenses, and I think this is what you're going to be seeing from now on. "

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