Go-to Guy

The trade for Adewale Ogunleye has been met with rave reviews. However Rex Grossman is without a top-notch target, which could hurt his development.

Who will Grossman go to in the fourth quarter when it's third and 10?

It could be any of the Bears numerous receivers that have yet to prove themselves on the NFL level.

To combat any disapproval of trading Marty Booker the talk from players and coaches has been there are no go-to receivers in this style of offense.

Offensive coordinator Terry Shea has plans to utilize the running backs and tight ends in the passing game.

However the Kansas City offense Shea plans to emulate had Pro Bowl players at each of those positions and the Bears do not.

Although Thomas didn't catch a pass in three preseason games, Shea believes he has the ability to haul in 50 in the regular season.

"He certainly can be because he does not drop the ball at least in the passing standpoint in terms of practice," Shea said of Jones. "He's a great route runner. We've put him outside, which we haven't shown yet obviously in the preseason, but you can feel comfortable with him going outside and running a route as well. That's not something that not many backs can do."

Jones high in receptions is 32, which came in his rookie season with the Arizona Cardinals.

While Grossman is close to the group of young receivers, he has privately been assured the position will be addressed in the off-season.

For the time being Grossman will have to make due with what he has available.

David Terrell is a starter waiting to be replaced because he's never played as good of a game as he talks. Terrell may just be too lacking in speed and quickness to get separation at the NFL level. His work habits have also been questioned in the past, but he had the best training camp of his career, though that isn't saying much.

The undersized Bobby Wade appears to have a knack for working underneath, and he has some run-after-the-catch quickness, but he lacks speed and sometimes drops catchable passes.

Justin Gage showed a propensity for getting open deep last year and for winning jump balls, but after an impressive start in camp he has practically vanished.

Daryl Jones, a Giants reject, has displayed decent route running to go with speed and quickness. Still his biggest impact is likely to come in the return game.

Pencil-thin rookie Bernard Berrian could provide the speed factor and deep threat that the Bears have missed recently.

Ahmed Merritt is also a deep threat but has been an inconsistent catcher.

At tight end Desmond Clark is easily the best pass catcher of the bunch, and in this offense he is capable of exceeding the 44 catches and 433 yards he had last season. But Clark missed a month of the preseason with a pulled hamstring and is not expected to be 100 percent for the opener.

Dustin Lyman seems to get hurt every time he starts playing well, but he has worked hard to become a satisfactory all-around player, and he's healthy for now.

John Gilmore has enough size to block effectively, and his hands aren't bad, but he, too was out a month with a hamstring injury.

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