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User Name: SuperCrunch51
Post Title: FudgePacker Radio SportsTalk

This is hilarious!

Farve's a target, and so is their head coach Mike Sherman. Fans are calling in and complaining about Ahman Green not playing enough time and having to be "spelled" by Dorothy Levens. The host is defending Green, explaining that he has asthma. I guess that's why he had 9 carries for 9 yds, and got tackled for a safety early in the 1st QTR.

They also rated yesterdays NFC performances:
Bears get ****(4-star)
Loins get *** 1/2* (3 1/2 stars)
Goon Bay gets ** & 1/2*
Minny gets **
Tampa Bay gets **

Latest comment by the obviously-disgusted host: "Mike Sherman said he had the team prepared for the game - he sure has a piss-poor way of showing it."

After the game, Sherman & VicodinBoy had a 30-minute closed-door meeting before their post-game conference.

If misery loves company, the Bucs and ViQueen fans should be listening to this radio program.

But not the Loins fans - they won their personal "Super Bowl" yesterday - they're probably still partying hearty as I type.....

Now they're on the subject of "motivation", because the FudgePackers follow up big games with a miserable performance:
A) Won big game against Baltimore at home, followed by a blow-out by ViQues in Minny.
B) Won big game against Bears, and get slapped around at home by Atlanta Falcons.
C) Win another big game against Bears, and get humiliated by Titans.

And I thought Jauron and Shoop were on the hot seat after last week's loss. That pales in comparison to how Mike Sherman's being villified by the Fudger Faithful.

Life in Goon Bay is enjoyable once again!

Honorable Mention: Diem, ElvisUrlacher, VaBeachBearFan, Idaho Bear Fan

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