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Cleveland - Fourth tight end Gabe Reid made some impressive plays while Desmond Clark and John Gilmore suffered from hamstring pulls earlier in preseason, but realized long ago that he's headed for waivers Sunday unless he can bring more to the roster.

After all, a fourth tight end isn't likely when the 53-man roster will have three or four veteran starters on it who are injured come opening day.

So Gabe Reid volunteered his services as a backup long snapper.

"It's like (Bears long snapper) Patrick Mannelly says, `you can't learn to be a long snapper. It's one of those things you can either do or you can't do.' "

Reid did it in college as a backup long snapper at BYU.

"Anything I can bring to the team to help make the roster, I'll do it," Reid said.

Reid had to leave the preseason finale because of a knee injury. His immediate status is unknown at this point, but it could make the Bears decision easier.

Tight end Desmond Clark made a 15-yard catch of a Rex Grossman pass in his first game back from a pulled hamstring, but his replacement during training camp is hardly giving up hope of winning the starting spot.

Dustin Lyman came into Friday's game tied for the team lead with five preseason catches and leading with 50 yards receiving.

The ironic part of this dual is that the two were good friends at Wake Forest when Lyman was a linebacker and Clark was a wide receiver.

"Its a pretty difficult situation considering the fact that we were college teammates and friends and now it's kind of like when you put spiders in a bottle when you're a kid and shake it up and see what happens," Lyman said. "That's just how training camp is.

"I'm an aggressive competitor and so he is. It makes it kind of weird when we had a pre-existing friendship, so we have to work hard to try to stay friends."

Defensive tackle Bryan Robinson missed the game due to a sprained left wrist suffered in practice during the week.

Alfonso Boone and Tommie Harris started at defensive tackle and Tank Johnson saw extensive playing time, as well.

Backup quarterback Jonathan Quinn was held out of the game, giving third-stringer Craig Krenzel the chance to play almost an entire game in front of fans who remember him from his Ohio State national championship days.

Tait's inactivity had only a little to do with the left shoulder injury he has been plagued by throughout preseason.

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