Terrell's Game is a Double Edge Sword

LAKE FOREST - When the Bears traded Marty Booker to Miami that left David Terrell as the veteran receiver. While Terrell produced like a go-to guy on Sunday, his also proved he still has a lot of growing up to do.

In the past Terrell has kicked the ball into the stands following a game-winning touchdown. He's leaned against the goalpost to count his money and most recent antics drew a 15-yard penalty for taunting.

If Terrell could have just played the game everyone would be talking about how his potential has finally turned to production in Terry Shea's offense.

However Terrell reverted back to form following a 35-yard reception. Granted flipping the ball to the punter is a tough way to get a 15-yard penalty, but considering he also threw the ball in the air after his previous receptions it appeared the referees had enough.

Not only did Terrell cost the offense 15 yards, on more than one occasion he was pulled off the field to be talked to by Lovie Smith and receivers coach Daryl Drake. Who knows how many yards that cost the team while he was on the sideline?

"Instead of telling him what he did wrong, we're going to tell him what he did right and just insist on those other things that he gets them corrected, which I think he will," Smith said.

With five receptions for 126 yards it appears Rex Grossman may have found his number one target.

"You look at what he was able to do yesterday, he and Rex, Rex getting him the ball in the perfect spot and him making the plays, which he did, you have to look at that. Based on what happened yesterday, we would definitely say that," Smith said.

Don't forget that Shea has said a receiver can go from catching eight balls in a game to one the next. If Terrell isn't fed the ball consistently his antics on the field could carry in to pouting in the locker room.

"I can only go on one game that I've had with David, and during that game, there was one bonehead play that he made," Smith said. "The emotion, you want the guys to be emotional as they're playing, and to play the game with emotion. You just have to be smart with it. He's the first guy today coming in, ‘Hey, coach, I'm not going to do that anymore.'

Time will tell if Terrell has learned his lesson, but Grossman doesn't believe it's something that's premeditated.

"It's not something he thinks about doing, he's just really spontaneous and it just happens," Grossman said.

Terrell grew frustrated in the previous regime. After a decent rookie campaign, in which he saw his friend Anthony Thomas win the Offensive Rookie of the Year Award, Terrell broke his foot in the fifth game of the 2002 season. He finished the year on Injured Reserve and by the time he came back the coaching staff had grew tired of his ways and decided not to make him a focal point of the offense.

"I think he's in a situation where so much has been expected of him and he's finally starting to play well, and he's got all this pent-up emotion," Grossman said.

If he can channel those emotions Terrell could finally live up to everyone's expectations, including his own.

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