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As the MVP of the Hula Bowl during his senior year at Texas, Steve McMichael was certain that he'd be receiving a brand new car. Walking out on the field at the game's conclusion, McMichael was met by the Governor of Hawaii who handed him his prize: a wooden monkey bowl.

"It was just something else to fuel me" McMichael said in his newly released book "Steve McMichael's Tales from the Chicago Bears Sidelines".

McMichael characterized his career both on and off the field as the result of opposing forces: the McMichael who planned ahead and the more impulsive, or in his words, ‘immediate self.' The planner majored in pre-dentistry just in case the sports career didn't work out. The immediate self dabbled in professional wrestling. Both facets of this surprisingly complex man make for fascinating reading.

Tales From the Chicago Bears Sidelines covers the Super Bowl year in detail, with insights into his teammates, Bears management, and Coach Ditka. McMichael takes the reader inside the locker room with fascinating anecdotes about his friends and foes.

Each game of the ‘85 season is dissected from the lineman's point of view with extended coverage given to Super Bowl week in New Orleans. McMichael discusses just about everything from why he has never touched the Lombardi Trophy without a pair of gloves on to how he happened to throw a chair through a chalk board at the pre-game meeting. Think ‘Mongo' enjoyed doing The Super Bowl Shuffle? Not by a long shot.

McMichael also gives readers the low down on how being honest dropped him from the first round of the 1980 draft; why he got the backup orthopedic surgeon; which superstar he named "The Pox'; and why he and William ‘The Refrigerator" Perry were reluctant to let anyone into the locked tool shed at old Halas Hall.

Former coaches and Bears management are analyzed along McMichael's thoughts on why the ‘85 team was unable to generate a football dynasty. There's a lot of detail here and McMichael never hesitates to applaud, or offend.

Mike Ditka's forward to the book says it all:

"When I first got there, I realized he was a player. Some of the guys had bigger reputations than Steve, but when I watched Steve play, I liked what I saw. He just went abut his job like a man... His honesty--You may not like what he says but he's going to say it. He doesn't pull any punches."

Steve McMichael's Tales from the Chicago Bears Sidelines
Steve McMichael with Phil Arvia
SportsPublishing L.L.C, $19.95

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