Mixed Reviews

Jerry Angelo has definitely had his ups and downs with the draft. With the release of Leon Joe, the Bears have cut three of the eight members of the ‘04 draft class.

It's hard to judge a draft until at least three years after the fact, which would leave just one of Angelo's to examine but it's worth giving the other two an early look.

The draft class included: Marc Colombo in the first-round, Roosevelt Williams and Terrence Metcalf in the third-round.

Colombo looked to be on his way to being the answer to the hole at left tackle, but suffered a severe knee injury in his 10th career game. He's still trying to make a comeback nearly two years later.

Williams was cut after a disappointing rookie campaign and is now a reserve cornerback for the Cleveland Browns. The Bears actually traded down from the end of the second round to the top of the third and also picked up an extra fifth-round pick from the Cowboys, which turned out to be Bobby Gray.

The Bears were ecstatic to select Alex Brown in the fourth-round. He started 9 games as a rookie and all 16 last year. He hasn't developed into the pass rusher they had hoped for as of yet, but the addition Adewale Ogunleye should help take some pressure off.

Bryan Knight spent two years with the Bears as a fifth-round pick, but didn't fit into Lovie Smith's speed oriented defense.

Adrian Peterson came in the sixth-round and is an adequate backup running back.

The fourth overall pick turned into Michael Haynes and Rex Grossman.

Haynes didn't develop into the pass rusher the team had hoped for and honestly fit better in the previous defensive scheme. While he dropped weight, he'll never be a speed rusher. It doesn't mean he can't become a contributor, but for the 14th overall choice you would expect more.

Grossman could be Angelo's crowing jewel or biggest failure depending on his development. Although it appears Grossman has the makings to be a star, it's too early to tell.

At this point Charles Tillman has been the best draft choice Angelo has made. When Tillman was drafted in the second-round many including myself said "who?" However Tillman quickly proved to be the team's best cornerback and is on his way to among the league's elite.

Lance Briggs came a round later and like Tillman started 13 games as a rookie. He's expected to play a major role in the defense and is definitely a player on the rise.

Bobby Wade and Justin Gage came in the fifth-round. While Gage seems to be the more dynamic talent, but Wade has moved into the starting lineup. Both were solid picks in the second day of the draft.

Tommie Harris has already moved into the starting lineup and appears to be poised to make a run at Defensive Rookie of the Year.

Terry Johnson also has a chance to join Harris by the end of the year and is currently part of the nickel rotation.

Bernard Berrian is the fourth receiver on the depth chart, but could challenge Wade for a starting role as the year progresses. Currently he's sharing the punt return duties with R.W. McQuarters and could also be used on kick returns.

Nathan Vasher isn't a big cornerback at five-foot-10, which is why he lasted until the fourth-round. He has the hands of a first-round pick and the speed to match. With Jerry Azumah out until at least October Vasher is the best option at nickel back and with a little time could challenge for a starting job.

The disappointment comes in drafting Leon Joe and Claude Harriott in the fourth and fifth rounds respectively and they only played one game for the franchise.

Cutting two draft picks is not uncommon, but usually that comes with sixth and seventh round choices. It could mean that the team is more talented and making the 53-man roster is tougher than in years past.

It could also say something about drafting athletes rather than football players. Joe was a workout warrior and didn't have impressive numbers in college. Harriott could still be a player in this league

Of 31 draft picks eight are no longer with the team and two are on the practice squad.

1. Marc Colombo
3. Roosevelt Williams
3. Terrence Metcalf
4. Alex Brown
5. Bobby Gray
5. Bryan Knight
6. Jamin Elliott
6. Bryan Fletcher

1. Michael Haynes
1. Rex Grossman
2. Charles Tillmanv 3. Lance Briggs
4. Todd Johnson
4. Ian Scott
5. Bobby Wade
5. Justin Gage
5. Tron LaFavor
6. Joe Odom
6. Brock Forsey
7. Bryan Anderson

1. Tommie Harris
2. Terry Johnson
3. Bernard Berrian
4. Nathan Vasher
4. Leon Joe
5. Claude Harriott
5. Craig Krenzel
7. Alfonso Marshall

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