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Lake Forest - Bears free safety Mike Brown experienced victory over the Packers in his first game against them back in 2000, but he and the Bears have lost seven straight since then.

Brown thinks running back Ahman Green's average of 104 rushing yards in those seven games has much to do with the Packers' win streak, even though Brown is an admirer of Packers quarterback Brett Favre.

"I think he's the best quarterback to ever play the game," Brown said. "He hasn't been surrounded by the type of talent like some of those other quarterbacks (like) Joe Montana. He was surrounded by great teams.

"I just like (Favre's) whole demeanor, his whole attitude. It's a winning attitude. I know people always say it's a gunslinger mentality. He goes out there and he feels like he can make plays, so he goes out there and just slings the ball around. He has great arm strength; probably still has the strongest arm in the league."

But Brown thinks Favre's supreme confidence can work in the Bears' favor - or at least give them opportunities to make big plays against him.

"Favre is going to take chances," Brown said. "You have to come down with those balls when you get opportunities. He gives his receivers the opportunities to make plays; now it's up to the defender to try to make a play over that. It's all about playmakers. Whoever makes the most plays usually wins the game."

Offensively, the Bears expect blitz pressure from the Packers, which offensive coordinator Terry Shea says can disrupt the run as well as the pass.

"I know them pretty well from when I was with the Chiefs," Shea said. "They were a blitzing team last year, pressure team. It's like the coach has 25 blitzes and just goes right down his checklist."

Shea said quick decisions by the quarterback are essential.

"We're going to ask Rex to get the ball out of his hand," Shea said. "We've got a passing game that will facilitate that rather than maybe the deeper passing game."

Bears 355-pound OLT Qasim Mitchell vs. Packers 252-pound DRE Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila, who has had double-figure sacks in each of the past three seasons.

Bears MLB Brian Urlacher, who had 14 tackles last week in his first game action of the season after missing all four preseason games with a hamstring injury, vs. Packers RB Ahman Green who rushed for 119 yards vs. the Panthers on Monday night. Green has scored six touchdowns and averaged 104 rushing yards in his last seven games against the Bears, all Packers victories.

Despite his goofy antics, David Terrell may have emerged as the Bears' go-to wide receiver.

Terrell had six touches, including an end around, and he picked up at least 15 yards on all six.

"We went into the season saying that we didn't know exactly (who the go-to guy would be), but we felt like somebody would step to the front to be our No. 1 receiver," coach Lovie Smith said. "You look at what he was able to do (Sunday), he and Rex, Rex getting him the ball in the perfect spot and him making the plays, which he did. Based on what happened, we would definitely say that (he's a go-to guy)."

--CB R.W. McQuarters did not practice Wednesday but is expected back on the practice field Thursday and should start against the Packers on Sunday.

--SLB Joe Odom will start again this Sunday, but in order to hold on to the job, he probably has to show more production than the two tackles he had in the season opener. Odom was elevated to No. 1 after former starter Marcus Reese suffered a pulled hamstring, and Reese could be back by next week.

--DT Tommie Harris, the Bears' first-round draft pick, led all linemen with five tackles last week in his first NFL game.

--MLB Brian Urlacher was officially credited with 14 tackles and one sack last Sunday after missing a month and every preseason game with a pulled hamstring and practicing for just two weeks.

--RB Anthony Thomas will get more touches this week according to offensive coordinator Terry Shea. Thomas, coming back from a month off because of a torn oblique muscle, got three carries in the opener for 13 yards.

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