Bears Play a Complete Game

The Bears showed from the start of the game that they were not going to be conservative. On the first series of the game Jim Miller threw three consecutive passes, which didn't go anywhere but proved the offense was going to establish the passing game.

In the course of the game I thought John Shoop did a hell of a job calling the game. I know the 62-yard gain to David Terrell was a broken play, but you have to hand it to the rookie for not giving up on his quarterback.

The passing game really paid off in the second half because it freed up the line of scrimmage allowing the running game to takeover.

The biggest difference in the offense was the receivers were given a chance to make a play. Fred Baxter was covered on his touchdown catch, but Miller took a gamble that his tight end could make a play.

You can't have everybody wide open all the time but put them in a position to make a play. Dez White caught a short ball and turned up field for a 26 yard gain.

Marty Booker's touchdown, which gave the Bears a 10-3 lead, was a thing of beauty. He dragged his right foot in bounds as he caught the ball.

When the offense got within striking range they went for the endzone. Then the running game came around and the Bucs defense got tired. The offensive line was dominating Tampa's high priced d-line.

Chicago should be proud of the way the team bounced back from the Green Bay game. Miller had a hell of a game having to improvise, use playaction and just making the right decisions.

It was one Chicago's better all around games. The defense was flawless producing four turnovers including two interceptions and two forced fumbles.

Tony Parrish's interception turned the momentum away from visitors and back to the Bears. Then Warrick Holdman stripped Brad Johnson on a sack with Alfonso Boone recovering the ball.

Walt Harris might have made the play of the game when he knocked the ball out of the hands of Keyshawn Johnson. The NFL's leading receiver caught a short pass and turned it into a 49-yard reception, but as he made his way inside the Bears 10 Harris stripped Johnson from behind. Parrish recovered and the Bucs offense blew another opportunity.

Brian Urlacher was all over the place. The defense had to step up when Paul Edinger kicked the ball out of bounds to start the second half, but the Bears forced the Bucs to punt.

This game meant a lot because the Bears clinched a playoff berth. Offensively and defensively Chicago played well, especially against a Tampa team that had won 3 in a row.

Hats off to the coaches after a tough week. They opened up a little bit using empty backfields and various formations to make Tampa work defensively.

I had the Bears winning nine, but I was even short on that one. I could see the improvement at the end of last year and they have continued to grow. You are talking about a team that has the chance to win 2 or 3 more games.

Changes in the offseason have added depth from freeagents to rookies stepping up. The Bears were in all three games they've lost. This team never lies down and you have to admire that. This coaching staff really deserves credit for motivating this team and not letting them quit.

Jauron has my vote for an extension and possibly coach of the year. Depending on what happens the rest of the season the team could end the year with a record of 12-4 or 13-3.

I'm also talking about Greg Blache and even John Shoop. What I like about the staff is their adjustments. They didn't stick with the same offense that struggled last week and went after it.

Jerry Angelo would have a hard time not bringing these guys back. Now we'll see how far the team goes in the playoffs, but let the chips fall where they may.

My congratulations go out to the organization.

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