Bears-Vikings Scoring Summary

The Bears offense had to put up points with the defense banged up, but 22 wasn't enough against Minnesota.

FIRST QUARTER: K Paul Edinger 34-yard field goal at 8:08. Rex Grossman bought time with his feet on 3rd and 10 and found Bobby Wade for a 12-yard gain and a first down. Thomas Jones moved the Bears into Minnesota territory with a run of three yards and followed that with a nine-yard reception. The end around continues to be a valuable part of the offense, as Wade picked up 14 yards for another first down. The Bears got as close as the 11-yard line, but a false start penalty on John Tait put the offense in third and long, which they failed to convert. Drive: 12 plays, 47 yards in 6:52. Bears 3, Vikings 0.

SECOND QUARTER: Edinger 23-yard field goat at 13:41. The Bears had just turned the ball over on a Grossman fumble, but Adewale Ogunleye forced his second fumble of the game when he ripped the ball out of the hands of Onterrio Smith. Despite starting the drive at Vikings 7, the Bears couldn't put the ball in the end zone. A Desmond Clark false start on first down pushed the offense back. Chicago had to settle for an Edinger chip shot field goal. Drive: 4 plays, 2 yards in 1:19. Bears 6, Vikings 0.

SECOND QUARTER: WR Randy Moss three-yard touchdown reception from QB Daunte Culpepper. The Bears had Minnesota in 3rd in 11, but gave Culpepper enough time to find the hole in their zone defense. A 40-yard completion to a wide-open Kelly Campbell moved the ball to the Chicago 29. Randy Moss took over from there with a reception of 15 and then the touchdown grab. It's the eighth straight game Moss has a touchdown reception. PAT by Morten Anderson was good. Drive: 8 plays, 83 yards in 4:39. Vikings 7, Bears 6.

SECOND QUARTER:K Morten Anderson 42-yard field goal at 5:09. A pass interference penalty appeared to give the Bears a first down, but was incorrectly ruled that the ball was tipped which negated the flag. Following a Brad Maynard punt, the Vikings started their drive in Chicago territory. Three consecutive touches by Onterrio Smith resulted in 19 yards. Still the Bears defense forced Culpepper into two straight incompletions and an Anderson field goal. Drive: 6 plays, 20 yards in 2:23. Vikings 10, Bears 6.

THIRD QUARTER: QB Daunte Culpepper one-yard touchdown run at 10:58. Although two Minnesota penalties put them on 3rd and 24, a pass to Randy Moss gave Minnesota a fresh set of downs. Playing a soft zone resulted in a 45-yard completion from Culpepper to Moss. Poor tackling on a 38-yard run by Onterrio Smith gave the Vikings first and goal from the 4. Smith then took it down to the 1 and Culpepper capped the possession. Drive: 7 plays, 67 in 4:02. Vikings 17, Bears 6.

FOURTH QUARTER: Edinger 32-yard field goal at 14:46. A forced fumble by Michael Haynes and the return gave the offense the ball just past midfield. The Bears weren't able to put a touchdown on the board despite moving inside the red zone for the fifth time. Drive: 7 plays, 34 yards in 3:14. Vikings 17, Bears 9.

FOURTH QUARTER: Anderson 24-yard field goal. A 33-yard completion to Moss moved the Vikings in Chicago territory. An unnecessary roughness penalty on Todd Johnson turned an incomplete pass into a first down and led to Anderson's third field goal of the day. Drive: 7 plays, 69 yards in 3:26. Vikings 20, Bears 9.

FOURTH QUARTER: RB Thomas Jones one-yard touchdown run at 6:20. Rex Grossman completed 4-of-5 on the drive for 61 yards. He also had two rushes for 14 yards. A 32-yard completion to Justin Gage set up Jones' fourth rushing TD of the year. Trying to get within a field goal the Bears went for two points. The Vikings were clearly offside, but no flag was thrown and what the Bears thought was a free play turned into a failed attempt. Drive: 9 plays, 79 yards in 5:00. Vikings 20, Bears 15.

FOURTH QUARTER: Moss two-yard touchdown reception from Culpepper at 5:39. The Bears needed a stop to have a chance to win the game, but it took the Vikings just four plays to reach the end zone. On the first play Culpepper hit Nate Burleson near midfield and a missed tackle by Todd McMillon turned a first down reception into a 64-yard gain. Moss slide underneath the coverage on third and goal leaving the easy toss from Culpepper. PAT by Anderson was good. Drive: 4 plays, 67 yards in 36 seconds. Vikings 27, Bears 15.

FOURTH QUARTER: QB Rex Grossman six-yard touchdown run. A 41-yard kickoff return by Bernard Berrian gave the Bears good field position. Jones accounted for more than half the yards on the drive, but it was Grossman's first rushing score of his career that brought the Bears within a touchdown of winning the game. The play had to be reviewed, as Grossman stretched to reach the goal line just before the ball came loose. However, the quarterback sprained his right knee on the play and had to be carted off. PAT by Edinger was good. Drive: 9 plays, 61 yards in 3:39. Vikings 27, Bears 22.

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