Bears are Losing Playmakers

The Bears were without six starters vs. the Vikings and that number is likely to go up against the Eagles.

Linebacker Brian Urlacher (hamstring), cornerbacks Jerry Azumah (neck) and Charles Tillman (knee), guards Rex Tucker (elbow) and Mike Gandy (hamstring) and defensive tackle Alfonso Boone (knee) all sat vs. Minnesota and could do the same this week.

Aside from Rex Grossman's season-ending knee injury, safety Bobby Gray suffered a stinger vs. the Vikings and tight end Desmond Clark was limited by a sprained ankle.

"You just say to yourself, 'What else can go wrong?'" defensive end Adewale Ogunleye said. "We've got all these guys out and it's just not certain players. It's (key) guys. Guys that when you sit down at the beginning of the season, these are guys that are going to help us win. And all these guys are going down. Hopefully (Grossman's) is a minor injury."

The Bears hope Urlacher is back for Sunday's game against the Eagles, but he was missed against the Vikings.

"That's a Pro Bowler," Ogunleye said. "He's the wrench of this defense. He makes everything go. We missed him a lot out there. (Hunter) Hillenmeyer did a good job (as Urlacher's replacement). That's the way it's going to be this season. Guys are going to have to step up when their name's called and go out there and make plays."

Hillenmeyer was credited with five tackles and he recovered a fumble. Urlacher had 14 tackles in each of the first two games.

Dirty Laundry
--The Bears were penalized nine times for 95 yards in the season-opening loss to the Lions but cleaned up their act with just 2 infractions for 15 yards in the victory over the Packers.

But they reverted to their earlier ways with 14 penalties for 101 yards against the Vikings.

"Officials never lose a game," coach Lovie Smith said. "We saw a few calls differently, but you know how that goes."

The Vikings were flagged 11 times for 70 yards. But they may have gotten away with one.

Officials initially threw a flag against Vikings cornerback Terrance Shaw for apparently interfering with Bears wideout David Terrell but then picked it up without sufficient explanation. The call would have given the Bears, who were trailing 7-6, a first down near midfield.

"As you could see, I was asking a few questions," Smith said. "That was the call they made. Explanation wise, you seldom see an official change a call. When you start screaming at them, it's making you feel better, but they're not going to change much."

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