Task doesn't get any Easier for Defense

Lake Forest - Donovan McNabb has never lost against to the team he grew up watching. The four-time Pro Bowl quarterback will get a chance to improve his 3-0 mark against the Bears on Sunday.

The Mt. Carmel High School graduate is often asked why the Bears didn't draft him, but that wasn't because of his doing. Either way he still holds the Bears in high regard.

"It's always special when you have an opportunity to come home," McNabb said. "Soldier Field to me was one of the best stadiums in the NFL and a team that I wanted to play for growing up. Obviously it didn't work out that way, but anytime I have an opportunity to come home and family and friends get a chance to watch and enjoy it's a special feeling for me."

It could be a big day for Donovan McNabb, who is off to the best start of his career. He's led the Eagles to a 3-0 start with a 122.0 QB rating that includes eight touchdowns and no interceptions.

McNabb, who never has completed more than 58.4 percent of his passes in a season, has a 69.8 completion percentage through three games. He's averaging 8.78 yards per attempt, which is 2.62 yards higher than his career average. He hasn't thrown an interception in 138 regular-season attempts, dating back to last season.

The off-season acquisition of WR Terrell Owens gives McNabb a legitimate deep threat for the first time in his career. The duo has connected on five touchdowns, which is the same amount of scores the entire receiving core accounted for all last year.

For the second straight week the Chicago defense will going up against one of the best one-two combinations in the game. Daunte Culpepper hooked up seven times for 119 yards and two touchdowns.

Adewale Ogunleye was able to take down Culpepper on two occasions and for the secondary to have a chance at containing Owens the unit will need a similar effort.

"We just have to get after Donovan and hit T.O. as often as we can," Ogunleye said. "He's a mixture of Culpepper and Brett (Favre) in the fact he can throw the ball and run. He stays alive to get his receivers the ball."

Brian Urlacher is questionable with a hamstring injury and didn't practice Wednesday. It's hard to imagine the Bears risking further injury with the bye week after Sunday's game.

Meaning Hunter Hillenmeyer is likely to get his second career start and the same number in as many weeks.

"They say the easiest job in football is top be Brett Favre's backup and until now it's been the same thing with Urlacher," Hillenmeyer said. "For four years he never missed a game and he had the hamstring pull last week. You're supposed to approach every game as a backup as if you're going to be in there because if the person in front of you doesn't go down you have to be ready like you've been preparing all week. We try to do that every week but it's especially important now."

Hillenmeyer led the team with 8 tackles against Minnesota and also added a fumble recovery.

Other Injuries
S Bobby Gray (shoulder), G Mike Gandy(hamstring), FB Jason McKie (knee) are all listed as questionable and missed practice. Desmond Clark also watched practice Wednesday, but is probable with an ankle injury.

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