Bears try to remain Positive

Chicago - Looking back on the game against the Eagles Sunday, two members of the team saw reason to be cautiously optimistic about the future.

"There have been so many changes on the offense recently but my feeling is that we are very much on the same page," Bernard Berrian said. "When adversity strikes I think that teams can fall apart or they can come together. On the Bears, there is a one for all attitude that will see us through the difficult times."

Jonathan Quinn seemed to look for Berrian more than Rex Grossman, which may be a result of the two working together on the second team. On two occasions Quinn went to Berrian in the end zone, but neither attempt came away with a completion.

"Any time that I am not out there playing, I am doing reps in my mind," Berrian said. "There's no doubt that true game time experience is what counts as far as my personal development."

Berrian averaged 26.8 yards on four kick returns against the Eagles. With Jerry Azumah out and the Bears waiving Daryl Jones, the kick return game is in the rookie's hands.

The return game has been Berrian's niche on the team, as he has just two receptions through four games.

"I think that any young player needs reps, myself included. It's fine to do well in practice but you need to show the coaches what you are capable of during a game situation. I am becoming more comfortable with the situation every time I am out there."

Despite a 1-3 start and a rash of Berrian remains hopeful for a turnaround.

"We weren't picked to win this one. Philadelphia is at the peak of their game. There were expectations that we would have to be very strong offensively as well as defensively today to come out on top. That didn't happen, but I think we did better than expected. The Eagles had to settle foe field goals most of the time. I realize that the fans want more than that from the Bears but this is a good beginning."

The bye week will supply a much-needed chance to rest and mentally regroup.

"There has been so much thrown at us recently. Maybe with that one Sunday off some of the injured players will get the time off they need to heal. I'm not hurt but I know I know I could use some rest. The pace of this game is fast, much more so than it was during the pre season. I'm in good shape but I can be better. I'm going to watch film, relax my body, and set some mental goals for the rest of the season."

Veteran John Tait saw things with a more seasoned perspective.

"Sure I was disappointed in the outcome," Tait said. "I think we have the ingredients for better play than we exhibited today. Some of it has to do with timing, some of it with our communication. These are all problems when you have players rotating in and out of the lineup unexpectedly."

That said, the younger members of the squad are coming along.

"Definitely. They knew that they had to step of their level and for the most part, that was accomplished. I watched Bernard and he seemed much more comfortable with what he was doing than he has been up to this point. He's growing in confidence day by day, which is what you need in a punt returner. We hate to have Jerry out, but you go with who you have. Bernard has many of the moves; he just needs to refine them. By this time next year, I see him as a real force on our team."

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