Q&A with WR Coach Daryl Drake

Lake Forest – Daryl Drake spent a few minutes to talk about his receiving corps, including the change he's s seen in David Terrell over the past month.

Have you seen David Terrell taking his game up to a new level?
Drake: "I think he learned some things from the first game, how to handle certain things. David is really high-strung, he's very emotional and he's trying to control those things. I'm proud of him because he listens to me. He is trying and that doesn't mean he doesn't get frustrated, we all get frustrated, but how you handle that frustration is the biggest thing. It's not an overnight deal. These are some things he's been faced with all his life and you don't change those things overnight.

"There was a play on Sunday where the Eagles drew a penalty on the sideline and he was thinking "ah" and then he thought let me go back to the huddle and let the official make the call. When you see those things you see a guy is listening and he's trying to do it like it needs to be done. The football part of it is going to take care of itself; I just want that other part to be taking care of too. For people to look at him and see what he's really all about, a guy with a big heart."

With just two receptions and limited opportunity, has it been tough to keep Justin Gage upbeat?
Drake: "Sometimes it is, but Justin Gage understands that the ball can come at any time. He's been around long enough to know and he'll be ready when that opportunity comes. When you're dealing with as few a numbers as we're dealing with, we've got four guys so a guy knows that he's on the edge of the cliff from being out there every snap. So it's really not as a big a problem as one might think. He knows that he has to be ready to perform because you never know when it's going to come his way."

Last year he made a lot of catches on athletically ability; what is holding him back now?
Drake: "David has stepped it up and is doing a tremendous job, but we need Justin too. We need to get him involved and keep him involved and get him opportunities and those things are going to happen. Because of things that have happened, the injuries and things like that when you get ready to do certain things other things happen, but he's going to be fine. We've got to get him a situation we're we get him involved because he can jump up over people and do some things."

Bernard Berrian was said to be lagging back to the line of scrimmage on the final drive against the Eagles, which led to a penalty. You were talking to him on the field after the game; what did you tell him?
Drake: "Just learning, for Bernard it's a learning process. I'm always coaching them and there were some things that we needed to address and we addressed them."

Is it tough only having four receivers?
Drake: "You have a lot of appreciation for guys that can come out (and just work). Mainly you're just basically just using those four in practice situations, so you have a lot of respect for those guys to be able to come out and practice all week and then come out and perform.

"The thing we've got to do now is get in the end zone. Get some opportunities for us to get in the end zone."

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