The Trojan Horse

Twice during the past week in practice the Bears practiced the Brad Maynard-to-Brian Urlacher fake field goal pass which won Sunday's game. It didn't work.

``On Friday, I dropped one, maybe two. In the game, I don't drop them — that's all that matters,'' Urlacher said. ``The situation presented itself and coach Jauron called it. It was great.''

A safety in college at New Mexico, Urlacher had last scored a touchdown that didn't come on defense when he was switched to tight end in college for a few plays. He also returned kicks.

``As a matter of fact, Brian dropped it twice in practice last week,'' Bears coach Dick Jauron said. ``(Special teams coach) Mike Sweatman said three is the charm and we'd score on Sunday.''

Maynard had thrown a pass once with the New York Giants.

``I think before they signed me they knew I could throw a little bit,'' Maynard said. ``I can't be a quarterback or anything like that, but if somebody's wide open like that I can get the job done.''

The most frustrating aspect of Urlacher's catch from Washington's standpoint was they suspected trickery coming.

``We have a couple people that are assigned to take that thing over there,'' Redskins coach Marty Schottenheimer said. ``Generally you can anticipate something like that. We have prepped for any number of fakes because they have had a number of fakes.

``Even though you have prepared for it, if you are not looking at the right things you can come up short on it.''

At various points this season Bears offensive coordinator John Shoop has asked if Urlacher could take a few plays on offense. Sunday he just laughed about it and said ``I'm not bringing it up again.''

``He's a great athlete, but we'll keep him on the defensive side of the ball,'' wideout Marty Booker said. ``He's not taking balls away from me.''

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