Taking it in Stride

Lake Forest - Jonathan Quinn has taken a lot of heat since taking over for the injured Rex Grossman. Despite being booed off the field for his performance on Sunday, according to him it wasn't the lowest point in his career.

Against the Redskins Quinn went 10-of-22 passing for 65 yards and four sacks for minus-31 yards and a passer rating of 33.5

"I felt pretty bad after the game. There was no doubt about that," Quinn said. "I've had tough losses before, you know, in the NFL and college and all the way through. The thing is you got to try to come back and get better the next day at practice. "

"I've had several lows unfortunately."

While Quinn is still the starter, Craig Krenzel split the snaps with the first team offense on Wednesday. Quinn is taking approximately 60 percent of the reps and Krenzel the remaining 40.

"They both did do some good things out there in practice today," Lovie Smith said. "We're not ready for the game yet. Tomorrow should be even better, but that's kind of where we are. There won't be a lot of news to report on the quarterback situation until later on in the week. We're going to let the week play out and really kind of go from there."

The starting nod will go to whoever practices better during the week, which would seem to favor Quinn.

Krenzel hasn't played a down in the regular season and has taken less than 10 percent of the snaps with the first team since Rex Grossman suffered a season-ending knee injury at Minnesota in Week 3.

Krenzel completed just 13 of 35 passes in the preseason for 141 yards with no touchdowns or interceptions, six sacks and a passer rating of 49.8. Not impressive numbers, unless they're compared to Quinn's.

At 1-4 the Bears are on the verge of dropping out of playoff contention before Halloween, even while in the midst of what should be the softest part of their schedule. Largely because of Quinn's ineffective play, the Bears were beaten by the 2-4 Redskins on Sunday, but their next two opponents might be even more beatable. The Bucs are 1-5 and the following week the Bears are home against the 1-5 San Francisco 49ers.

"I'm not really looking at it in terms of winning the job. I don't think Jonathan is looking at it in terms of keeping a job. Our job as quarterbacks is to help this team win football games in any way possible. ''

The Bears had planned to have Krenzel do nothing more than hold the clipboard this year, but the injury to Grossman and Quinn's ineffectiveness has sped up his learning process.

"It hasn't been easy due to the volume of the offense and terminology," Krenzel said of trying to run the offense. "But I have a good grasp of it, on paper, on the chalk book and in the playbook I understand everything. Now it's going to be translating that and carrying it over onto the field.''

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