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Three penalties on the Bears' defense hurt their chances, in particular Sunday.

The first was on the team's first offensive play. Thomas Jones caught a short pass in the flat to the right from Jonathan Quinn and broke it 77 yards for a touchdown.

However, a foolish offensive pass interference on David Terrell, who was on the opposite side of the field, negated the touchdown.

"The first play, it started right off the back," said Quinn, who completed 5-of-9 for 47 yards. "We had a big play and the call was away from the side of the play and that was kind of how the day went.

The second was Michael Clayton while going for the ball.

The pick would have given the Bears the ball at Tampa Bay's19-yard line and would have been the third straight turnover by the Bucs. It also would have set the Bears up for a chance to go ahead 14-13.

"I jammed him when he was inside of 5 (yards)," McQuarters said. "He stopped to come back to run a hitch and slipped (by himself). I think they thought I pushed him down, but he fell on his own.

"That's the bottom line. If you're winning you get that call. Maybe they made that call out of disrespect for me. This is my seventh year in the league. I've made a name for myself in this league, I guess, I would think so.

"He assumed I pushed him down, but he wouldn't know because he was making a call just in case. That's a bad call. He fell on his own."

The final penalty was unnecessary roughness on top draft choice Brian Griese on a play when he was also flagged for offsides while coming in unabated to the quarterback. In full view of everyone, Harris reached out and knocked Griese to the ground on a dead ball at the Bucs' 7-yard line.

The problem with that penalty was it occurred on third-and-seven and after it happened, the Bucs went on a 93-yard 10-play touchdown drive.

"I think because my stupid penalty gave them 15 yards, that probably lifted the crowd up and gave them energy and they fed off that," Harris said. "I didn't hear the whistle.

"Oh well, I paid for it man -- next game."

An unsportsmanlike conduct penalty for taunting the Bucs against Bears safety Mike Green pushed the offense out of needed field position in the third quarter and false starts by Qasim Mitchell in the first quarter, John Tait in the second quarter and Ruben Brown in the third quarter helped kill drives.

In total, the Bears had 10-penalties for 78-yards.

"We had a lot of situations where it was first-and-long because of penalties," Quinn said. "We kept getting good plays called back and that's something we have to work on."

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