One-Man Show

Lake Forest - David Terrell has been missing from the Bears offense over the past three games, but for a change, it hasn't been entirely his fault.

In the three games since his nine-catch, 116-yard receiving day against the Eagles, Terrell has two catches for 24 yards.

"The past three games, four balls have come my way," said Terrell, who admitted that when the Bears had a chance to convert a third down against the 49ers, "I did drop that slant."

But Terrell says he needs to see more footballs come his way.

"I know I'm open," Terrell said. "I know the eye in the sky definitely don't lie. I've got to be the guy. In front of me the line play has to be right and the quarterback has to take a drop and look at me and throw me the football. Marty Booker ain't here no more. This is me. It's my show."

Not according to Bears offensive coordinator Terry Shea.

"We're just not about a one-man show," Shea said, "and we never will be as long as Terry Shea is here."

This is the first time that Terrell and an offensive coordinator didn't agree about the play calling.

John Shoop never bought into Terrell and because of it the former first-round pick was never incorporated into the offense.

Terrell asked for a fresh start when Lovie Smith was hired and granted immunity for his past mistakes.

Things seemed to be going Terrell's way after a quarter of the season he had 16 receptions for 267 yards. He was on pace to hit 84 receptions and for the first time in his four-year career become a 1,000-yard receiver.

However, the instability at quarterback since Rex Grossman went down has turned Terrell into an observer. With 18 receptions a game shy of the halfway mark of the season he's not even on pace to pass his personal-best of 43 receptions.

Surprisingly Terrell hasn't reached the end zone, which is the one thing he had become accustomed to doing. Of his first 86 receptions in the NFL eight went for touchdowns. His six-foot-3, 212-pound frame would seem to be a perfect target inside the red zone.

Terrell has cost the team with penalties this season. A taunting penalty in the season opener overshadowed his best game as a professional. On the first play of the game against the Buccaneers, his pass interference penalty negated a 77-yard touchdown pass to Thomas Jones.

Craig Krenzel's favorite target appears to be Bernard Berrian, as both are rookies that have worked together on the scout team.

There's no doubt the wideout is a position the Bears will address in the off-season either through the draft of free agency, but for now, Terrell represents the best option for a down field threat in the passing game.

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