Day of Rest

Lake Forest - Craig Krenzel attempted to practice Wednesday and was not listed on the Bears' original injury report. But he felt discomfort on his first throw and restricted his activity the remainder of the day to handing off on running plays while Jonathan Quinn took the first-team reps at quarterback.

After practice, Krenzel was added to the injury report as probable, and he is expected to practice Thursday.

Offensive coordinator Terry Shea said he was confident that Krenzel would be able to start, and he said he'd prefer bringing Quinn on in relief if the rookie couldn't finish rather than starting him.

"I'm under the belief that maybe Jonathan coming off the bench is going to be a little more relaxed," Shea said. "We're going to have Craig Krenzel for this football game. It's just a question of how things evolve during the course of the game with his health."

QB Chad Hutchinson is making progress, according to coach Lovie Smith, but he doesn't appear close to moving up to No. 2 on the depth chart or challenging for a start. Hutchinson said he's only taken about two snaps with the first team since he was signed on Sept. 28.

Krenzel quarterbacked the 2002 Ohio State team that running back Maurice Clarett carried to a national championship. But the Bears' rookie claims to know little about the free cars, free grades and thousands of dollars in illegal payments that Clarett recently said he received in college.

"I don't know what's going on with the whole situation," said Krenzel, who was unable to practice Wednesday because of sore ribs. "We never did know a whole lot of the information; we never wanted to. And right now I'm here to talk about the Bears and Titans and what we have going on for ourselves this week."

Krenzel was asked about the possibility of the Buckeyes having to forfeit their title.

"Number one, I don't have time to think about it," he said. "Number two, I know there's been an investigation that took forever a long time ago, and they concluded at the end of that that nothing was to happen. So I would be surprised if anything else were to change that."

Before being hired by Smith as the Bears' running backs coach, Tim Spencer held the same position at Ohio State for 10 years, and Clarett was one of his most productive players.

Spencer was asked if he would have known about the illegal cash and cars that Clarett claims to have received while at Ohio State.

"If you know anything about a coach's schedule, you know we're in the dark, so to speak, about a lot of things that go on," Spencer said. "In terms of academic and stuff like that, we know how a guy is doing in class and things like that. But if you're asking me: Wouldn't you be able to see if a guy has cars or stuff like that? We come out to practice like we do here now, we go back in, and it's dark when we leave. So we never know what's going on. But there are checks and balances amongst any university for people to be able to notice things like that, and I am sure and I hope things like that will be checked out and are being checked out."

Spencer, who is third on the school's all-time rushing list with 3,553 career yards, regrets that the situation is being brought up again.

"As an ex-player, an ex-Buckeye, you never want to see your school be in any trouble," Spencer said. "I'm not saying they are. But you hate to see any negative. I don't know if what he said is true or not; that's not for me to decide. That's for somebody else to try to decide or investigate or whatever they are going to do. I just move on and go on. I know there are a lot of good people back there that have done a lot of good things."

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