Terrell drops the ball again

Lake Forest - The majority of David Terrell's problems have been on the field, but Tuesday evening that changed when the brash receiver was arrested for multiple traffic violations.

Terrell was pulled over after making an illegal left turn LaSalle on the city's near North Side shortly before seven p.m. He received tickets for reckless driving with a suspended license, driving without insurance, failure to yield and stay in lane.

This isn't the first time Terrell has had made news off the field. In 2003 he had an incident with a parking valet over his car keys.

Terrell is known as an emotional player, which has been seen as immaturity more than anything else. However, he has always made more news with his mouth then his play. In his best game as a Bear he drew a taunting penalty that overshadowed a five catch 126-yard performance against the Lions in the season opener.

"We're talking about a driving ticket that my lawyers will take care of, that I won't go to jail on, not a gun charge, not a spitting in nobody's face, not fighting on the field, none of that. A driving ticket," Terrell said.

The severity of the incident is open for debate, but in a week when the Bears have lost their defensive leader for at least a month and take a three-game winning streak into their matchup with the NFL's highest scoring offense another distraction is not what the team needed.

"Lovie talked to me like I was one of his sons. He asked me what happened, I told him what happened, told him the truth, and that's what it is. He don't look at me like, `OK, David Terrell, you're going to get (cut) tomorrow because you've got a traffic ticket, or I'm not going to sign you to a deal next year, Jerry (Angelo).' No, we're talking about a traffic ticket. That's it. Nothing else."

It's obvious Terrell views the incident as something that has been overblown and it will go without discipline from the team.

"Yes, I'm disappointed in what happened and I talk to all of the guys like a son if they need to come up to the principal's office," Lovie Smith said. "What can I say about it? We wish it hadn't happened, but it did, it was a traffic ticket, we addressed it with him like we will all of these things."

Although, the team defends the former first-round pick, the only way Terrell's antics will be tolerated is if he's able to produce.

On the season Terrell is averaging 16.2 yards on his 23 receptions, but has failed to reach the end zone. Despite the monster numbers Terrell had hoped for coming into the season, he sees the campaign as a success rather than a failure.

"My season on the field so far, I'm not disappointed at all, not at all. I'm really happy. I've had a good year," Terrell said.

The lack of production from Terrell goes in hand with the fact that according to him only 35 balls have been thrown in his direction through nine games. He's dropped four and caught 23 with eight balls falling incomplete.

"I ain't tripping about balls coming to me cause like Terry Shea said you're going to have some games where you get 10 balls, and you're going to have some games where you get zero balls," Terrell said. "This is Terry Shea's offense and it's cool. I'm a part of the Chicago Bears and I'm a part of that offense and I love it. Sometimes you will be the man, sometimes you won't."

Along with the drops, Terrell has also been flagged for six penalties, including one on the first play of the year for offensive pass interference. Against Tampa Bay he cost the Bears a 77-yard touchdown with the same infraction.

Terrell will be the center of attention again on December 13th, which is his court date, and a day after the Bears travel to Jacksonville to face the Jaguars.

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