The Monday After

Chicago - Wide receiver David Terrell kept a low profile after the game and mumbled answers to reporters' questions.

Terrell, who usually can't stop talking when he sees questions, said: "I ain't trying to say too much," when asked about the Bears' offensive failures.

Terrell didn't want to talk about his arrest last week or the $5,000 he's been fined for throwing a football at the Titans' bench Nov. 14.

"Not me," he said. "I want to be in Chicago next year. Hey, I want to be in Chicago next year. I'm going to do what I've got to do to be in Chicago next year."

Running back Anthony Thomas had played almost all of the Bears' three victories, but didn't get in for a down Sunday when Thomas Jones returned from a toe injury.

The Bears gained 79 yards on 26 carries and Jones had 59 yards on 18 carries.

"We're going to always play the guy that we think gives us the best chance to win," Smith said. "That was the thought behind it.

"Once you get into the game, things change. You have a game plan that you would like to use as far as game time, but that will change as far as when you get into the game."

Smith added that Jones fit better into the attack after the Bears fell behind. Jones is perceived as a better receiver.

Also open to scrutiny was the Bears' very first series. They started the game with three straight passes even though the Colts' defense was perceived as susceptible to the run. The Bears' first possession failed to net a first down.

"We wanted to present a balanced attack," Smith said.

Bears cornerback Nate Vasher made his fifth interception, which tied him for the NFC lead and lead among NFL rookies.

However, he could be off the nickel defense this week and playing only special teams because Charles Tillman may be ready to return from a fractured tibia.

Vasher got beat for a 35-yard touchdown in the first half, but rebounded to make the interception.

"After that happened, I had to make sure I put that behind me," Vasher said of the touchdown pass.

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