A Couple of Young Birds at Quarterback

What a perfect day for rookie quarterbacks to square off on national TV. <P> Two young turkeys on Thanksgiving Day.

The Bears' Craig Krenzel and the Cowboys' Drew Henson will start today's Thanksgiving game on FOX. Krenzel is coming off his worst game as a starter -- with four turnovers Sunday in a 41-10 loss to the Colts. Henson, meanwhile, saw some mop-up time Sunday in the Cowboys' 30-10 loss to Baltimore when 41-year-old Vinny Testaverde went down with a back and right shoulder injury. Henson, who played at Michigan and in the Yankees' system until he decided to change sports, got most of the reps in practice this week.

"I would say it can be very difficult if your team isn't good and it can be a little easier, like you are witnessing in Pittsburgh, if your team is allowing you to be more of a game manager rather than being reliant on the quarterback," Cowboys coach Bill Parcells said Tuesday.

Henson, who hasn't done much but hold on kicks this season, fumbled on his first play Sunday. He did come back to complete all six of his passes for 47 yards, including a 1-yard touchdown pass that ended a 16-play, 80-yard drive.

Krenzel, on the other hand, was responsible for four of the team's five turnovers against the Colts. In 4 1/2 games as the team's QB, Krenzel has 12 turnovers.

"First of all, in terms of Craig Krenzel, we are committed to him," Bears offensive coordinator Terry Shea said. "We've got a great opportunity to see what he can do for us and we will look forward to having him playing quarterback some more for us."

Krenzel was 3-0 as a starter until last week's debacle against the Colts. He was intercepted twice and fumbled twice, and his 175 yards passing included a 43-yard heave to David Terrell that ended the first half. Shea said Krenzel's four turnovers were "unacceptable," but he's had some talks with his young QB. Krenzel's job is still safe, so he says, but if he continues to struggle watch for Jonathan Quinn to be promoted again.

"I talked to Craig in the middle of the third quarter (Sunday) and I said, 'Craig, I want you to know you've got to fight through this. You've got to overcome the highs and lows of playing the position. And this is your game,'" Shea said. "So I wanted to establish that in his mind that I wasn't looking over his shoulder."

At least not yet.

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