Scoring Summary: Bears 24-Vikings 14

Chicago - The Bears offense has been the punch line of many jokes over the past two months, but Chad Hutchinson brought some instant respectability to the unit.

FIRST QUARTER: TE Desmond Clark 6-yard touchdown reception from QB Chad Hutchinson at 4:47. The Bears defense gave the offense the ball deep in Minnesota territory thanks to a 52-yard interception return by Jerry Azumah of a Daunte Culpepper pass. The Bears converted two third downs on their way to the end zone. Thomas Jones took a draw on 3rd and 7 and went 16 yards to put the ball at the Minnesota 18. Hutchinson then hit Justin Gage on 3rd and 16 for a 20-yard completion. Hutchinson quickly got on the fans good side by rushing for three yards and took a punishing blow from Chris Claiborne. The quarterback bounced back up and made sure he had a few words for Claiborne before going back to the huddle. On the next play he hit Clark for the touchdown, which was the team's sixth passing score of the year. PAT by Paul Edinger was good. Drive: 9 plays, 37 yards in 4:31. Bears 7, Vikings 0.

FIRST QUARTER: WR Nate Burleson 4-yard touchdown reception from QB Daunte Culpepper at 1:19. Despite two false start penalties and a negative running play, the Vikings needed just one play to convert a 2nd and 21. Culpepper found TE Jermaine Wiggins wide open for a 39-yard gain. Culpepper picked another first down with his feet. Following an illegal contact penalty on Charles Tillman that gave the Vikings another first down, Onterrio Smith took an interior run to the outside and picked up 26 yards to the Chicago 2. The Bears defense stood up on first and second down, but Burleson beat Tillman in the end zone and Culpepper throw a perfect pass. PAT by Morten Anderson was good. Drive: 7 plays, 72 yards in 3:23. Bears 7, Vikings 7.

SECOND QUARTER: PK Paul Edinger 53-yard field goal at 11:22. Hutchinson completed 4 of 6 for 46 yards on the drive and had one pass dropped. It was not a good drive for David Terrell. Although he did have a 19-yard reception, he also had an illegal block in the back penalty, which turned a first down into a third and short. He also had a pass hit him in the hands on third and 20 that would have given the Bears first and goal. For the season, it was Edinger's third conversion of 50 yards or longer. Drive: 11 plays, 45 yards in 3:38. Bears 10, Vikings 7.

SECOND QUARTER: WR Marcus Robinson 40-yard touchdown reception from Culpepper at 2:23. Edinger came up short on a 52-yard field goal, which gave Minnesota good field position. Culpepper completed 3-of-4 passes for 58 yards on the drive, including his 30th TD pass on the season. On the scoring pass Tillman had coverage on Robinson, but in zone it was R.W. McQuarters responsibility on the deep ball. PAT by Anderson was good. Drive: 4 plays, 58 yards in 1:33. Vikings 14, Bears 10.

SECOND QUARTER: WR David Terrell 15-yard touchdown reception from Hutchinson at 0:22. Hutchinson hit 6-of-10 passes for 76 yards, including a 31-yard completion to Bobby Wade on 3rd and 17. The Bears offense had scored 13 points in the last three games, but posted 17 in a half with Hutchinson under center. PAT by Edinger was good. Drive: 11 plays, 76 yards in 2:01. Bears 17, Vikings 14.

FOURTH QUARTER: FB Jason McKie 5-yard touchdown reception from Hutchinson at 10:23. Anthony Thomas took over the possessions, carrying 7 times for 37 yards. Hutchinson also converted two third down attempts with completions. He became the first Bear quarterback to throw three touchdown passes in a game since Jim Miller did it on Oct. 7, 2002 against Green Bay. PAT by Edinger was good. Drive: 13 plays, 72 yards in 6:43. Bears 24, Vikings 14.

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