Hutchinson Gives Receivers a Purpose

CHICAGO - Chad Hutchinson's ability to throw with accuracy and velocity made the Bears' wide receivers feel useful again.

And in David Terrell's case, Hutchinson made him feel a little better about himself, as well, as Bears wide receivers and tight ends were in vogue again during a 24-14 victory over the Minnesota Vikings.

"Our receivers did a heck of a job today,'' said Hutchinson, who completed passes two passes or more to five different receivers, and found tight end Desmond Clark for six catches and 58 yards. In the previous five games, Clark had made six total catches.

"They're so talented, every one of them, and I have a lot of faith they're going to make plays for me and I'm going to continue to give them chances to make plays,'' Hutchinson said.

Clark, who had a 6-yard TD catch to start the scoring, refused to talk to the media. He has made a habit of this all season.

"I don't know if it was one of those things where we were saying, 'We're getting Desmond more opportunities,' but that's just the way it read out,'' Hutchinson said. ""He's a tremendous player and I've got a lot of faith in him that he's going to get open and he made some unbelievable catches today.''

Wide receiver David Terrell made three catches for 44 yards, including a touchdown, and also dropped a potential big-gainer inside the Vikings' 10-yard line.

After the dropped pass, fans booed Terrell, and he said it bothered him -- sort of.

"I go out there and play a gladiator sport. I can get hurt any time,'' he said. ""Any time. And I lay my body on the line every play, every single play. And just to hear the boos, that kind of upset me.

"And I'm used to playing with adversity on my back and doing all this and continuing to make plays.''

Then he did a reversal.

"It doesn't bother me, but nothing bothers me,'' he said. "Nobody else has been with me but these 53 guys (Bears) and these coaches and have been on my side the whole time and nobody else.''

One of those on Terrell's side was Hutchinson, both as a passer and as a therapist.

After Terrell's drop left the Bears to settle for a 53-yard Paul Edinger field goal in the second quarter, and the boos ensued, Hutchinson offered him some encouraging words.

"I just said 'hey, there's going to be more opportunities,' Hutchinson said. ""I said hang with me because I'm going to get you another one.''

After the advice, Terrell came back to catch a 15-yard touchdown just before halftime.

"He didn't get down, and he just came back and made plays,'' Hutchinson said. ""It's one of those things where I'm going to make some mistakes, he's going to make some mistakes, just hang in there.''

In many ways, Hutchinson made the Bears' receivers feel alive be realizing they were open when former quarterbacks Jonathan Quinn and Craig Krenzel could not.

"You have to just give them a chance to make a play,'' he said. "When I first got into the league, I thought it was going to be like college, where it's wide open, its pretty wide open.

"But when it's open in the NFL, it's just a little bit. You just have to trust your receivers to make plays.''

The feeling of trust was mutual against the Vikings.

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