Mums the Word

Lake Forest - After his first touchdown of the season, there was no celebration from David Terrell. <P> There was no pantomime of counting his money or rolling down the window of his classic Cadillac. He didn't punt the ball into the crowd. He tucked it under his arm and jogged to the sidelines.

"I normally give a ball to the crowd," Terrell said, "but I play for these guys in this locker room and that's what it is. I play for my coach and for these guys. They're the people that have been behind me from Day One. Nobody else has been with me but these 53 guys, these coaches, and they have been on my team the whole year; nobody else. So that's why I kept the ball; didn't give it to the fans."

Terrell did give the fans the "shush" sign, holding his index finger in front of his mouth as he came off the field after his 15-yard TD grab, one of three catches he had for 44 yards. That was in response to some ribbing he took after failing to hold a deep pass down the middle that suddenly was right on top of him as he was being tightly covered. Quarterback Chad Hutchinson realized it would have been a difficult catch, so he spoke with Terrell.

"He came right over and laughed," Terrell said of the Bears' new quarterback. "He said, 'Did you even see that ball?' I was like, 'Man, I saw it at the last second, but that's my job.' If I see it in the last second, I better (darn) well catch it for Chad or for whoever. He said, 'D.T., I'm going to give you another shot; don't even trip.' I said, 'Cool,' and he gave me another shot."

Terrell said he didn't hold a grudge against those who admonished him for the earlier drop -- kind of.

"I did shush them, but that was it," he said. "I drop a ball -- OK, cool, whatever. I go out there and I play a gladiator sport. I can get hurt anytime, and I lay my body on the line every single play. But just to hear the boos, that kind of upset me. I'm used to playing with adversity on my back. I'm used to doing all this for the team to make plays. That doesn't bother me at all. It's cool."

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