Bears Matchup well Against the Texans Passing Game

No Houston receiver had a catch in the first half last week against the Colts, and the Texans did not have a completion longer than 19 yards against the NFL's 28th-ranked pass defense. <P> The reason for the low-risk game plan?<BR> Cover-2, which the Bears will use to slow David Carr and Andre Johnson.

"It is kryptonite," receiver Corey Bradford said.

Nearly every team in the NFL uses some variation of the Cover-2 scheme on defense. Still, the Texans' biggest problems adjusting to the scheme - which requires safeties to play deeper than usual and in effect eliminate the deep pass -have come against Indianapolis during the last three seasons.

No wonder, considering Colts coach Tony Dungy perfected Cover-2 while coaching in Tampa Bay, a system that Lovie Smith adopted in St. Louis and now Chicago.

The Texans never attempted to throw deep to Andre Johnson or Corey Bradford - their two biggest threats - last week and instead quarterback David Carr settled for a bunch of short completions to running backs and tight ends.

The Texans have gotten progressively worse on offense after ranking among the league's top 10 during the early portion of the season. Houston's three lowest yardage outputs have come in the past three games, including 273 against the Colts.

The problems have been a combination of falling into early holes, breakdowns on the offensive line and a predictable offense that has opposing defenses waiting. Carr has thrown only four touchdown passes in the last six games. Johnson has only one touchdown catch in the last eight games.

"It's frustrating," Carr said. "Guys are doing everything they can. It's a chess match out there and sometimes things don't go the way you want them to."

Carr expects the Texans problems to continue until the can solve Cover-2.

"If we haven't shown we can beat Cover-2, then obviously there's no reason why teams won't keep doing it," he said.

It should be interesting to see how the Texans try to test R.W. McQuarters, as he makes his third straight start at free safety. He's been beaten once because of communication problem, but his tackling his been poor. If Johnson catches the ball with room to run it will be hard for McQuarters to bring him down.

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