Scoring Summary: Lions 19-Bears 13

The offense came up with their first touchdown in three games, but it wasn't enough against the Lions.

FIRST QUARTER: PK Jason Hanson 31-yard field goal at 3:06. The Lions jumped out thanks to the feet of RB Kevin Jones. The rookie busted a 39-yard run to open the possession, which put Detroit in field goal territory. Drive: 5 plays, 46 yards in 2:22. Lions 3, Bears 0.

SECOND QUARTER: RB Kevin Jones 1-yard run at 11:30. QB Joey Harrington completed 3-of-4 attempts for 53 yards, including a 26-yard pass to WR Roy Williams that gave Detroit first and goal from the 1. PAT by Hanson was good. Drive: 8 plays, 70 yards in 4:35. Lions 10, Bears 0.

SECOND QUARTER: Hanson 39-yard field goal at 5:50. The Lions started in plus territory thanks to an 18-yard punt return by Reggie Swinton. The Chicago defense had forced a three and out, until Mike Green jumped offside on the punt attempt and the additional five yards allowed Steve Mariucci to go for it on 4th and 5. Harrington scrambled for 11 yards and a first down that led to Hanson's second field goal of the game. Drive: 8 plays, 21 yards in 4:02. Lions 13, Bears 0.

SECOND QUARTER: Hanson 34-yard field goal at 0:00. The Lions converted three third downs in order to give Hanson another shot at the end of the half. Harrington completed 5-of-6 passes for 60 yards. Drive: 11 plays, 62 yards in 1:27. Lions 16, Bears 0.

THIRD QUARTER: LB Lance Briggs 38-yard interception return for a touchdown at 3:40. The Bears defense scored for the sixth time this season and got the team back in the game. As Harrington had serious pressure applied by Mike Green on a safety blitz, he tried to get rid of the ball and threw it carelessly away. Briggs had the easy pick and returned it for his second career score. Two-point conversion failed. Lions 16, Bears 6.

FOURTH QUARTER: Hanson 40-yard field goal at 11:29. Jones went over the century mark with a 32-yard run that that could have been stopped for a minimal gain, but the running back stayed on his feet and then turned up field. Three plays later, a Jones fumble was ruled down by contact and allowed Detroit to retain possession and add another Hanson field goal. Drive: 6 plays, 40 yards in 2:41. Lions 19, Bears 6.

FOURTH QUARTER: FB Jason McKie 15-yard reception for a touchdown from QB Chad Hutchinson at 7:04. The Bears offense didn't do anything for three quarters, but came alive in the final period. Thomas Jones accounted for 64 yards (37 rushing, 27 receiving) on the possession. PAT by Paul Edinger was good. Drive: 9 plays, 90 yards in 4:25. Lions 19, Bears 13.

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